Taking care of customers at the smallest point is very important, encouraging them to get loyalty to your products and web-store. Thus, in order to evaluate the position of a web-store, experts always list must-have indicators including user-experience, satisfaction level of customers and whether they are willing to introduce your products and web-shop to others. Promoting your performance and user-experience is the first key to achieve all. Actually, driving your web-shop on Magento 2 platform is an advantage for your e-commerce. Magento 2 has been upgraded from the version 1 and updated a huge range of awesome features of high-performance, loading speed and more. More importantly, thanks for the development; it has a deep foundation of Solution providers on the market with additional extensions.

Among them, Save Cart extension has been remarked as the first time. Magento 2 Save Cart extension is a new release of Cmsmart’s Team. As you may know, CMSmart’s team is one of the leading providers of Magento e-commerce currently. With their products, you can save more time for both you and users, as well as effective and high profit. Today, we will introduce the Magento 2 Save Cart extension, resolving a necessary need of your customers, saving them as your loyal audiences.

This new extension is created in hope of allowing customers to save their conference list of your products for the next purchase. For some reasons, they like certain products but do not complete the check out step. They can save their selected products in to Save Cart and continue doing shopping for the next time. It is not necessary to search for products or information of them because they have saved them as the future cart. So it is very convenient for your customers, also helping you receive more sales and loyal customers.

Let’s learn How it works for your Customers

After installing the module into your Magento 2 web-store, you can add the Save Cart button right on the Top Menu tab for customers to easily get. Benefits of Magento 2 Save Cart extension bring a new way for customers to save their time and create a good conference source of online shopping for themselves.

  • Customers are able to create Save Cart in the shopping process by clicking on the Save Cart button on the shopping page if they have not purchased items and want to save them as the next shopping time.
  • In the Account page, customers can manage their Save cart, allowing them to view/delete or add saved carts to Cart and complete the checkout step as they wish.


  • The number of Save carts is unlimited. Shoppers can create multiple save carts in their account for the next shopping time. More interestingly, customers also can name their saved carts to manage their favorite items more easily. In every Save cart, the product information is shown in detail, thus, customers can have an overall overview of what products are saved to the next cart conveniently.


  • Especially, users are totally able to share their Save carts through email with their friends and they can open email anywhere to view Save Cart without going to your site.

Let’s learn How it works for Web-store Owners

You take 3 steps to have it completely installed into your web-store including

  • Complete the installation step by step as the User-guide
  • Process the configuration in back-end
  • Go to Front-end and view What you have changed

It sounds so simple, right? Above all, after running the extension for your customers to have real experience, you can:


  • Set up authorities for customers in front-end including: Create New Save Cart, Multiple Save Cart, Manage Save cart in Customer’s Account, Name Save Cart; Restore Saved Cart and Share through Email or Show Save Cart’s information for customers.
  • Customize Color: You are totally capable to change the colors as text color, border color, the background color of some buttons as: “Save Cart” button on the shopping cart page, buttons in “My Saved Cart” tab in my account page.
  • Do not worry because the Extension is Compatible with any themes: It is easy to integrate this product into any Magento 2 theme and it will increase your revenue immediately.
  • The price is very affordable, ensuring that you have a cost-effective software but very amazing.

Building simple steps somehow will be a certain foundation for your e-business to get success sustainably. Thus, never leave any tools that can help you conquer more customers and improve your customer-service. Installing the extension Magento 2 Save Cart to adapt your customer’s requirement and turn them into your dear customers, encouraging them to stay longer on your site and do more online sales.