The smartphone revolution is blooming. People tend to use their smartphones or mobile devices ( Ipads, tablets, etc) to complete all tasks such as reading the news or online shopping. Thus, Businesses need to make sure that their website has a strong virtual presence on any mobile platform

However many online businesses fail to make sure their website is mobile compatible. It prevents the event from long-term buyers, losing potential customers. In order to maximize profit and customer satisfaction, this issue needs to be dealt with.

You can use the Magento Mobile Theme extension which can search on the Magento store, it can provide you with a fluid design appropriate for any mobile device to fit with your current Magento theme website.  You can see How To Make Your Website Compatible With Mobile? to understand how to install Magento Mobile Theme for your website


Mobile Platform Detection

The Magento mobile theme can detect the platform which a shopper is accessing and adjust its layout. It makes a perfect mobile experience. Where the user can smoothly complete any shopping transactions via a simplified mobile interface.

Easy Navigation

A successful feature of mobile website design is to optimize drop-down menus. . By cataloging your products vertically explicitly for the mobile view, the Magento mobile theme keeps your online shop organized on small screen devices and maximizes navigation for your user.

Visual Appeal

Magento Mobile Theme

Mobile platform’s screens don’t mean fewer aesthetics. The Magento mobile theme extension allows you to adjust the visual settings from layouts to color themes, specifically for your mobile platform. This will make sure nicely with your Magento mobile theme

International Sales Friendly

Supporting by allowing your international customers to view your products in their own language and currency. It helps the growth in international sales.  

Essential Cart and Profile tabs

Although the mobile platform screen is small, the Magento mobile theme extension still ensures the crucial components. By having separate corner tabs for your customer’s personal profile and shopping cart, accessing their information and pending purchased items is easier and means guaranteed satisfaction. 

Responsive promotion strategies

The Magento Mobile Theme not only shows your website on a mobile platform, but it can also help your promotion strategies. Showing on mobile with many effects to help show your products in appealing ways

No reloads

In addition to its ease of use, the Magento extension ensures there is no hassle of continuous screen reloads. This can be quite proficient in areas such as website search, font increase, and instant add-to-cart options as well as horizontal picture sliders to allow your customer to scroll through item pictures with little trouble.


People spend more time on their mobile phones. Businesses need to update the smartphone-influenced knowledge, current mobile market, and how to meet the growing online demand. Comprehending this mobile market is vital to a successful business for the following reasons:

Magento Mobile Theme

We now live in an on-the-go society.

In modern life, people are very busy and don’t have time to shop offline. With a smartphone, it allows them to complete all tasks regardless of where they are. According to online research, 45% of online sales are made through smartphones, which only further supports the notion of utilizing the Magento Mobile Theme extension. Thus, you must be able to use mobile platforms. 

 You are targeting a new customer demographic.

With the blooming of mobile devices, you must be adapted to these changes. People can access the internet on both desktop and mobile platforms. Some of your consumers may only rely on mobile electronics to complete their tasks. In order to be able to continue meeting or exceeding sales targets, a mobile theme is necessary. 

Financial Viability

Consumer studies have suggested that average orders from smartphones are greater than the average orders from a desktop computer. Hence it is imperative for business owners to tailor to this sector. Magento Mobile Themes creates the perfect high-end shopping experience via a smooth and impeccable mobile design, which will only boost online sales.


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