Upgrade the online payment system for e-commerce websites with Magento One Step Checkout Extension.

Nowadays, e-commerce websites have a strong connection with their payment systems by which customers can process their orders. There is no doubt that the online payment process should be operated softly so as to avoid wasting time and patience for clients. One step checkout for Magento has been developed for years; however, it’s still a potential extension which is researched by numerous developers. One of the excellent versions of the online payment plug-in released by CMSmart can give clients distinctive features for a nice and friendly payment system.

A diagram of payment

The extension shows a 5- step – process in 1 web page that allows clients having an overview of what is needed to fill so as to finish the payment. The interface can flexible arranged by setting layouts. Moreover, the color background can be changed according to your brand or your favorite color.

Ajax technology

The Ajax is totally useful for the dynamic content when one is refilled by the user, and then it is automatically updated in another step which contains that information. Besides, such necessary information as address or contact will be stored in the system when the user signs in; it, therefore, reduces time a lot for the payment of next orders.

Geo IP technology

The application offers an automatic locator. Hereby, clients only need to fill postcode or city name, the other information can be detected after that.

User account

If clients worry that they must to start the checkout process from the scratch when they forgot to log-in or sign-in before, the One Step Checkout extension will wipe out this problem with the quick log-in pop up that doesn’t redirect the user to another page resulting in the loss of filled information. They even can create a totally new account right in the checkout page that doesn’t require for leaving page. It’s really mind-blowing!

Apart from the striking features above, the Magento One Step Checkout extension convinces users with lovely plug-ins attached like online payment gate support, delivery time plug-in, quick login extension and utilizes space with coupon, gift box, poll box, newsletter box.

After all, it can be seen that this extension save a great deal of time which is considered as a gold factor in business by wiping out the unnecessary steps and providing the smart control panel. With the advanced features and appearance, CMSmart One step checkout extension for Magento is worth being a must-have-item for web merchants.

You can try LIVE DEMO & DOWNLOAD at this link: Magento One Step Checkout Extension by CMSmart .