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ThemeForest purchase code is very important for every Themeforest customer. When you purchase an Item from ThemeForest, you’ll get the license. It’s important when you need any technical assistance from theme author. The author might ask you the purchase code to verify your purchase.

To find your license key/purchase code you need to log into your ThemeForest account and go to your “Downloads” page.

See the themes you purchased in your “Downloads” list and click on the Download and next on the “License Certificate & purchase code” link in the drop-down menu.

After downloaded the certificate/.txt file you can open it in a text editor such as Notepad and copy the Item Purchase Code.



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Building an e-commerce website, that's sound quite simple, just a website. However, it is never easy. There will be so many things for you to consider, you will have to think twice before making any decisions in order to get everything just right and working properly for your needs. The most popular concern of business owners when building a website is choosing the right platform, I mean the platform the site will be built on. This step will need the carefulness because it will decide how well and easily you can manage your store.

On the market, there are two most favorite platforms that are Magento 2 and Woocommerce. They are all cost-effective and open source platforms coming with outstanding security and flexibility for e-commerce development with a wide range of powerful features. I cannot tell you which one will be the best in the world because each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses and it only the best when it is suitable to your business most. Therefore, in this article, I will make a comparison to help you get the best question for your own.


Magento 2 is so incredible, that is an undeniable fact. It comes with a wide range of features to power online shops such as discount, comparisons, cross and upselling, drag and drops and many other. It is so ideal for business owners who want to find a platform helping them to manage their multiple stores through a single platform or dashboard. As you know, from the first time Magento appeared, it has been a great platform for large enterprises with more complicated requirements than others.

On the other hands, Woocommerce focuses on another market with smaller and simple websites for small and medium scale enterprises. It is built on the top of WordPress with full required functionalities to build an e-commerce website. We can say that Woocommerce is so flexible because we can tap both e-commerce and non-eCommerce features associated with WordPress.


In terms of usability, Magento 2 is so famous for its thousands of extensions as well as plugins available to create highly customized experiences for clients. On Cmsmart Marketplace, you can find any Magento 1.x extensions or Magento 2 extensions with so many awesome features.

If we talk about the usability of Woocommerce, I just want to affirm that Woocommerce is simple and so easy to use, it does not require users too much knowledge about information technology so any WordPress developer can utilize easily without efforts. Its design is intuitive and suitable for simple e-commerce portal development.

The future

It can be said that Magento 2 is a scalable platform that can satisfy the demands of developing scalable applications. With Magento 2, the enterprises are assured of developing high-end solutions with mobile-friendly design, search engine friendly development, full page caching and improved content management, etc.

With Woocommerce, you can integrate it into Wordpress sites any time you want and you will receive the strong support from the community of developers who are always enthusiastic in making the changes to the e-commerce solution anytime in future.

The multi-vendor or online marketplace is not an old business model, it has appeared about several recent years. However, from that first appearance, some giants such as Amazon, Sears, and Walmart has recognized the potential of this new business model, they quickly changed their strategies by adding marketplace to their operations and now, you can see how they succeed with this model. Regardless of being a big or small brand or retailer, the opportunities for you to earn profits from this marketplace model are actually high. Therefore, if the amount of business moving online will continue to increase with this high speed, it will make sense to push your presence in the marketplace arena.

One question: what is an exact marketplace? Essentially, it is a version of having an online storefront. Let's take an example of Amazon for easy to understand. Amazon will be the first-party business, they have a marketplace and allow third-party sellers to take part in and sell their products. Sometimes, order fulfillment will be done by the marketplace operator, it will be so flexible, depending on who it is.

You have the brief definition of multi-vendor (marketplace), here are several reasons why you should choose this model for your business:

  • Commerce appears new version: E-commerce. Evident? Marcy and Sears decide to close almost physical locations and invest more in a comprehensive Omni-channel strategy, you can call it a tell-tale sign of the changes times.
  • It enriches the channel of your mix. Supposing that you have your own e-commerce site, you can expand your influence on the market and approach more customer segmentation, let's be a member of an online marketplace seller. According to the data collected by www.compete.com, the number of unique visitors on Amazon.com just in 2014 was 124,632,113. So how an individual seller can boost their website to reach this number?
  • If you do not have many products to sell but you are the owner of that marketplace, that's so good. You can earn a lot of benefit besides from your products and services. The marketplace will make sure consumers don’t leave your site by adding third-party sellers and increasing assortment by default. You try, third-party sellers try, everyone wins.
  • What I mention above are all benefits for small business, if you are a big brand, you still can take advantage of this model. Let's see Japanese e-commerce website Rakuten.com, besides Channel, there are also several high-end brands choosing to sell their products on this site.
  • Another reason is in the competition that benefits both customers and sellers. I mean in the fiercely competitive environment, the weaker products will be rejected from a marketplace, the remaining products will be the high-quality products on the market, customers will trust and buy more so profit for sellers increases as well.
  • One advantage for consumers in the marketplace is that a variety of sellers means a wide range of products available for customers to choose. The assortment of these websites is very rich. Remember that when customers land site, don't let them leave.


To answer the question mentioned in the title, firstly, we should have a brief definition of utility navigation. In short, it is the navigation that is not closely related to the content and it supports users to perform different actions. To design utility navigations requires you to find the necessary elements, organize them reasonably and impressively, keep in mind that, the display needs to be convenient for visitors to find and understand its operating principles.

How Utility Navigation Impacts UX

Before starting to design, you should identify the way visitors interact with websites. After that, you can build a rational interaction system that can match your business goals and give customers simple but useful options as well as a pleasant user experience.

Although how complex and perfect system you want to build, never forget the first requirement is rapidly responding to what customers desire. Only when you perform, do customers tend to spend more time with your sites.

The second important thing is to always keep the sites clean, simple and professional. Adding too many superfluous utilities cannot make customers feel they are benefited, otherwise, these utilities will cause distraction and reduce focus. You should pay attention to choose what is needed and what should be rejected. There are 3 main utility navigation items visitors usually want to use site-wide: search tool, Sign In, and Subscribe in the fixed top bar.

The third requirement is quickly making visitors know what they can do with functions in your sites and you also need to provide information about each option as detailed as possible.

Finding the Best Place

There will be several certain positions that are the ideal place for utility navigation because visitors usually find and use the tools on the majority of websites. Utility navigation is more about usability rather than creativity.

Although utility navigation is usually put at less noticeable positions, it still needs to be invisible areas: top-right corner of websites or lower part of the footer. If you tend to break this web design convention, you may have problems with bad user experience practice.

Building a Logical Structure

The way you organize utility tools into a logical structure will have great influence on the conversion rate. Let’s see Amazon. They make a difference by arranging utility navigation into 3 main groups instead of on the top-right corner. Three positions are a search bar, user-related information and actions that users can perform on the site. Many users agree that it is the magic of smart design.

Creating an Effective Visual Design

Do you know the famous KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid)? In more clearly explained, it means that you should provide icons with text labels, make controls appear like controls, and visually emphasize the most important actions. At the higher level, you can separate utility and content-based navigation clearly by using a different design for each.

The rejection in the technology world is really strong and the life cycle of a trend is also shorter than you usually think. That’s the reason why WordPress is continuously updated with the new version that includes many fixes and maintenance. I have received a lot of questions from my customers from emails and comment about whether to update WordPress or not. Is it safe for the website? This article will be the answer for you.

I can say that WordPress is free and so cool to use with more than 30 million online users uses WordPress for their website. I affirm that the straight answer is you must update WordPress as soon as an update gets broadcast. If not, security will be in danger, features are all out-of-date. Let’s see what will be updated in the latest version:

  1. New exclusive features and bug fixes

When a new WordPress version is released, it will absolutely come with the newest features. For example, a recent version released includes the plugins to improve the UX of the admin screens as well as accessibility.

Besides that, with each minor release of WordPress (the ones with an X.X.X version number), the bug is fixed. Major releases tend to be very stable and bug-free thanks to the meticulous development cycle and the legions of people helping with testing, but sometimes a bug will slip through the net, and a minor release will come out to fix it.

  1. Security

Recent research has revealed that almost 58% of websites all over the world are powered by WordPress, even the notable giants such as BBC, Sony music, Play Station also trust on this platform. A CMS that powers up to a half of the internet will doubtless attract the attention of anyone wanting to insert malicious code, take sites down or steal data.

WordPress is known as open source so anyone can learn source code and improve it, you can, the hacker also can. Hackers can easily search for websites that run on the older version and if your website is one of not updated then, you can be a victim too. Therefore, the latest version updated security vulnerabilities are spotted and dealt with quickly. As my experience, when a security vulnerability comes to light in WordPress core or in a major plugin, developers and community will immediately find the way to fix and an update released straight away.

  1. Compatibility

After a major WordPress release, a lot of plugins will be updated as well to be compatible with that new version. However, in some cases, there are some plugins will not actually need to be updated cause they are still compatible with that version so the developer should check that it’s compatible and update its compatibility information which you see in the plugin repository.

One more thing is a new update might result in compatibility problems with another plugin, which is why it’s important to back up your site before updating. Therefore, I think the best solution to avoid conflict is getting as many of your plugins as possible from the same source.

  1. Speed

Speed is also a factor affecting your SEO ranking. Each millisecond of waiting means years for users. People The most impatient human on Earth is the mobile user. For each new version of Wordpress updated, developers put all efforts to make it become a blazingly fast platform. Don't forget to update to improve speed!

Just in about a decade, e-commerce has matured rapidly, if you want to exist and develop in that environment, you cannot be a child forever, you also need to grow up. Throwing all out of date methods, uneducated or gut-driven decisions away and forget them, all you need is considering more about conversion rate because it relates directly to your competitive advantages and sale revenue, it is the core metric, you can use it to measure your business profitability. By tracking the conversion rate, you could recognize something that isn't working to fix them and give the predict for your future success. However, there are a lot of online business owners have trouble with conversion rate and the main reason comes from cart abandonment issue. In this article, we will mention two Virtuemart and Magento extension that can help you overcome the difficulties and improve your conversion rate as follow:

One page checkout for Virtuemart

Some special features for you:

  • Customizing CSS, Jquery, Jquery, Ajax icon in the frontend
  • Providing Visual Editors with Unlimited colors and layouts, Anti-Spam
  • Embed blocks which contain HTML and banner into OPC interface (in the visual editor)
  • Integrating multiple languages in OPC such as Spanish, English, French, Russian, German, Dutch, etc.
  • Improving register function
  • Totally responsive
  • Compatible with products supporting the coupon code.
  • Compatible with Virtuemart payments; shipment and the third parties.
  • Arranging Billing info and shipment address in order of display.
  • Compatible with any browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari, etc.

Responsive Magento One step Checkout Extension

Here is features checklist

  • Ultimately responsive design
  • Only one step checkout
  • Checkout form contains 3 styles
  • Completing address automatically
  • Supporting multiple payment methods such as Paypal, Sagepay or Credit card
  • Managing a variety of files in the backend
  • Sending to the different shipping address
  • Setting up delivering time and date in the admin panel
  • Displaying product images, the icon to remove the product and 2 buttons to change the quantity in the checkout process.

Our pace of life is faster and faster, as the result, the business world is constantly in flux, the changes in marketing methods, as well as strategies, occur every day. They will come and go even faster than you can think. In that continuous changing trend and in the effort to keep business profitability consistent, business owners have allocated more resource to customer retention or in other words, investing in building a huge amount of loyal customers. According to the result revealed by Baines and Company, a global business consulting firm, each 5% increase in customer retention will lead to 75% increases in the company’s profitability. However, it seems that not all business owners have habit of paying attention to missing opportunities, they still focus on attracting new consumers more. So, in this article, we will give and analyze three main reasons why the loyal customer should be a top priority.

The biggest secret in getting retail right is no secret at all

To prove for this statement, let's see the case study of  Simon Tooley, who responsible for launching Michael Kors in Canada. A few years ago, he decided to leave the big retail world and launched his own store called Etiket, in the luxury skincare and fragrances segment. Despite working in so competitive market, he still found his own way and has experienced stellar growth. Simon said that what he achieved all based on the loyalty of his customers as well as the favorable relationship built day by day.

Money can’t buy you love

When e-commerce mushrooms, consumers have been empowered more. They are freedom to choose suppliers as well as the products they want. And among millions of choices, they will choose the one they trust, trust is important than anything. Trust is earned, not bought, they trust you means they love. Let's build trust through embodying consistent attention to customer demands and expectations. You should show them your enthusiasm and knowledge for the products, be the close friends of customers, not just simply a provider.

Using suitable tools

There are a lot of questions around loyal customers such as: who will be the most profitable, communicating them how many times per week, how you can personalize your interactions with them, etc. Not all business owners can find the proper answers for those questions because of lacking time, data and tools, they even do not have a professional marketing team to compete with others.

Let's turn back to the case of Etiket, they had a plan to find and produce unique products, deliver world-class service and wonderful experience in-store and online. To get the right data, they use the reward program and then analyze them to get customer insights. Finally, they found that their monthly sale revenue increases by 70% in comparison to the previous months.

All in all, loyal customers are always worth more than you think. Loyal customers spend more money, more frequent for your product and the time needs to keep less about 7 to 10 times than new ones. In other words, nurturing a loyal customer base makes good business sense and should be an integral part of any retailer’s strategy.

Our world is on the trend of shopping online, every time, everywhere and ECommerce is no longer the new and strange concept in the market. It is considered as an essential part of our life. Although it has appeared and developed just several years, the development pace is actually impressing. Besides, one concept that is mushrooming in the market and a lot of eCommerce merchants tend to incline toward it.

One question: What is the marketplace? In short description, it is a kind of e-commerce website, the place where can display and sell their products to customers. Nevertheless, vice versa is not true, not all e-commerce websites are the marketplace. So, what makes the difference between both of them? Why the marketplace is better than usual e-commerce? This article will give you several main points directing you towards the roadmap of Magento Marketplace. Here we go:

  1. Minimizing initial investment:

With e-commerce, when you plan to start an online store, the initial capital requirement will be quite high, even too high because it will require you to provide enough amount of inventory for customers to explore. On the contrary, the marketplace will allow sellers to manage their inventory, it will free you from the huge initial investment. More than that, users can index more products and multi vendors can take part in as well.

  1. Larger inventory:

As we mentioned above, the marketplace is the place for multi-vendors and allows they manage their own inventory, so it is obvious that the total amount of products available on the marketplace will be far more than in e-commerce. Keep in mind that more product will equal more chance of the sale.

  1. No financial risk, highly scalable:

In contrast to a direct e-commerce website, with the marketplace, no investment for buying product, no investment for enriching inventory. Not buying means no risk of products not being sold. Therefore, you can eliminate the financial risks and that you can expand more quickly is also normal.

  1. Customer relationship:

If you own a direct online store, along with so many tasks, you have to focus equally on customer service and make sure customers are able to contact you anytime they need. And if you own a marketplace, you are a mediator between transactions of buyers and sellers; you have to jump in between, only if something goes wrong between them.

  1. Long tail marketing:

When the marketplace reaches a large enough number of products, you need to have a specific plan to manage. We suggest that you should take advantages of a huge amount of product to do the best SEO and SMO targeting specific keywords, improve your Google ranking. Besides, the online store with the limitation of products will work on general keywords, we are sure that the competition is fierce. Nevertheless, the marketplace does not ship products to customers directly, thus the vendors have to bear marketing expense.

  1. More profit margin:

Low initial investment and no marketing expense, these two factors are enough to prove that the marketplace doesn’t have to incur a lot of costs. Due to allowing other vendors on the marketplace, you can get the commission for every product sold. Low cost and higher profit will increase your profit margin better than e-commerce store.

The mistakes we mentioned in this article may not cover all the mistakes of all website but they are the most common. We hope that this article will be helpful for the online shop owners who are finding the answer for the big question “Why their website does not run so well?”.Here is the list for you to refer:

  1. Asking for too much information:

Of course, you may say that asking information is also the way to show that you are taking care of customers. But, you should recognize what is enough. A lot of customers feel annoyed just because you ask too much information related to details in a registration form, especially in the checkout process while they just buy a very simple product. In order to deal with this problem, you should:

  • Letting customers place an order without requiring them to log in
  • Minimizing question amount in checkout step
  • Keeping maximum payment options
  • Minimizing the shipping charges as much as possible
  • Following delivery date and time accurately

See more: One-page checkout, reasons why to choose

  1. Poor product details:

Poor product details will reflect two cases: one is your product is not good, the quality is also poor as in product details page and the other case is that you are also not confident about what you are selling, so how can you give customers the proper advice? It is the shortest way you break customers’ trust. You should display your products effectively in terms of images, text, font, etc. Some tips for you:

  • Uploading high-quality product images that are big enough but can be loaded faster
  • Mentioning every minute detail about the product
  1. Overdoing

It means complicating. You may want to show all the best things for visitors but have you ever thought that visitors feel overloaded and confusing, especially when you overdo with your homepage. When they want to search for some information but there are too many things on your site but it lacks the basic information, we beg that those visitors will leave your site just in a few seconds. You know the statement: LESS IS MORE? That’s so useful for this case. What you should do is:

  • keeping the font styles and colors to the minimum
  • Adding meaningful text and sufficient images


  1. Making it device specific:

Your customers do not just use the desktop to approach your site, they have smartphones, tablet, laptop, etc. Don’t forget this fact when you design your website because the amount of smart devices users even exceeds desktop users. You don’t want to lose, you want more sale revenue? Making sure that your site will work well with both desktop and those smart devices.

If you are coping with one or more mistakes we mentioned above, you can follow some tips provided to fix, or in case you desire more professional support, you can ask for some eCommerce web design services to re-design your e-store! Good luck with your sale!

Recently, when consulting customers on web development, we received a lot of question on should we keep multi pages or merge pages on a website. In this article, we will look deeper into this problem, we will not tell you which one is better but we will try to analyze on how it can affect SEO and user experience so that you can better decide:

  1. SEO

Multi-page or single page, whatever you choose you still should remember that Content is the King, always provide high-quality content. Why? Because duplicated content will make customers annoyed when they have to read the same content over and over again without value added. More seriously, it will hurt your ranking on SERPs. So, I will not tell you multi pages or single page is better for SEO but whatever you choose, pay more attention to content.

  1. User experience

If your website comes with proper and great user experience, it will be able to engage customers to stay longer. When the time on site increases, your ranking will be improved as well. The best way to optimize user experience on your site is by putting yourself in your customers' shoes. A single page seems to help visitors save a lot of time for loading, having more relevant, useful, and interesting content on a single page may also encourage your visitors to stay on your page for longer but what I want to emphasize is Do they really feel comfortable when scrolling down a long page, especially when consumers tend to use mobile devices more than desktop. Therefore, it is so important to identify whether your particular target audience would prefer viewing long-form content on a single page or navigate back to the menu to find other similar content.

  1. Other considerations

Besides SEO and UX, there will still be some factors you should consider by asking yourself some following questions:

  • If we choose multi pages option, whether we have enough content to bring customers the best information.
  • If we choose multi pages option, whether users can find other relevant content among multi pages available.
  • If we choose a single page option, whether the content in the long form is interesting enough to encourage the customer to scroll down and read.

One more thing I want to say is that the advantage of merging page is all the information that users are looking for will be available on a single page, no more page loading, no waiting. However, everything in a page means no target for individual keywords as you can with separate pages. Too much content will make your page seem to be endless. Therefore, it will hard to say merging page and a single page, which one is better, it will depend a lot on your real website, the amount of content and how your SEO strategy would be.

The first smart device called Simon created by IBM appeared 20 years ago but smart devices have only actually boomed in about 10 recent years. Along with that explosion, the size screen size has been quite diverse; it has no longer been confined just in the desktop. Therefore, it is costly and time-consuming if you try to design the website for each screen size, your web design should be more flexible, or in other words, you need responsive web design.

What does Responsive web design mean?

As its name, Responsive web design or RWD can respond to the user’s viewport, device, or platform, or in brief explanation, your website can acclimate to any screen resolution. From the first start until now, RWD has changed a bit but in general, it still follows the three main primary concepts as follow:

- Fluid grids: they allow you to structure content in a predictable and consistent manner by adjusting the size and contents of the element in your site.

- Flexible images: They are the images that will be placed in a flexible grid having the max-width CSS rule applied at 100 percent. To avoid the problems related to slow loading time, designers should compress the images’ resolutions, so that they will work smoothly with smaller devices. Besides, you still have another choice that is set as a percentage of the width of the page as a whole.

- Media queries: A CSS3 module will control how styles will be applied

Why we should continue with Responsive Web Design?

The main reason is responding to the user's viewport and bringing them the best experience on your site because customers love:

- No directing. No duplicated app due to the limitation of mobile disk space

- The maintenance cost of multiple websites that use a single domain will quite high and it is also quite difficult and complicated to update. In case you choose another solution such as adding an extra codebase, you will need to pay more money for maintenance cost in long-run. Both solutions are more expensive than designing a responsive or adaptive website.

See more about the adaptive website: Adaptive Web Design – Do you know it?

Generally, a responsive website can address all of those concerns. If a single set of images, grids, and the like are automatically resized to fit the user’s viewport, then the UX is by definition more consistent than switching between two separate sites.

Let's summarize all the main advantages of responsive web design:

- Increase in visitor amount leads to an increase in conversion rates. According to the data collected through the years, a responsive website will gain 11% more conversion rate than normal ones.

- Forcing you to prioritize contents in your site makes the website stronger.

- Improving SEO because Google loves responsive

- Allowing you to be detail oriented, especially with designers who always care about details.

When your website goes down in Google ranking, a lot of negative effects will hurt the effectiveness of your business. Each web store is different and we have no common solution for all case but I will list some main reason in this article:

  1. Backlink Erosion

Google’s algorithms have gone a long journey from the beginning days when they entirely depended on incoming links to evaluate the value of a web page, but until now backlinks still matter.

When a website loses a lot of the links, it’d likely to take a dive. But one problem might come when a small number of backlinks but they come from high-authority pages have an outsized effect, when they are removed, the result is unimaginable.

The opposite of losing good links is gaining bad links accidentally or intentionally. So-called negative SEO might be the main reason. Spend some time to look deeply and carefully into your backlink profile for evidence of links from bad neighborhoods. I recommend you to use Disavow Backlinks tool but everything has both sides, you may shoot yourself in the foot by this tool.

  1. The Competition Has Stepped Up Their Game

The competition for ranking is the win-lose game, it means that when your site go up, competitors’ has to go down. In case your site goes down, the urgent task is taking a close look at their changes in terms of content, backlinks, and anything else that might cause their site to look better to Google. Looking at the whole picture will point the way to improvements for your site.

  1. Penalties And Algorithm Changes

This is a subjective reason. If web owners aren’t familiar with the rules and what Google does and doesn’t like, site ranking will be damaged. The first simple step is taking a look at Google Search Console, which will tell you about any manual penalties that have been applied.

In case no manual penalties, find more information about Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, you might do some things that Google doesn’t like.

  1. Sever/ hosting issues

Google always highly appreciates the websites that offer great and positive user experience. Slow-loading sites, excessive latency, and unresponsive pages are what Google doesn’t like. Google is also so friendly when providing us some tools to improve web performances such as PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom Tools, and GTmetrix.

When your host cannot work properly as it should have, no performance optimization and it’s time to think about upgrading to faster hosting or migrating to a web hosting provider.

  1. Random Fluctuations In Rank

This might be the most frustrating type of rank change: it’s often called the Google Dance or Google Flux and that’s the problem we cannot control by ourselves. A site will lose and gain ranking with no discernible reason as Google tweaks its algorithm or some other factor changes. The only thing we can do is continuously improving our SEO and wait your website comes back to its former ranking

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In recent years, Responsive website may not be the strange concept with any people who are in eCommerce industry. So in this article, we will focus on 5 main advantages of a responsive website to online business owners. Hope you enjoy it!

  1. Super flexible

The sites with responsive design can be considered as fluid, the content of them will move freely across all types of devices and screen resolution, in terms of both grids and images. It just likes when you pour the water, it will spread out or draw in to make its contents fit any space and retain the appearance. Regardless of using desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, the content of search result will still appear the same.

  1. Excellent user experience

Although you are good at applying tools and have a lot of tricks related to building website, the fundamental factor is content, it is always the king, foremost success metrics. It enables visitors to consume content on any website through the device of their choice and preference, anytime. It is not exaggerated that responsive website expands your customers segmentation, it helps you reach consumers who use tablet, smart TV, laptop, etc, this market is actually a fertile market you should never ignore.

  1. Cost-effective

Responsive web design will not cost you too much money, it is evident truth. If you still feel confused, let's make a comparison. Instead of designing one responsive website, you need to design a website for desktop users, tablet users, smart phone users, etc. separately it will cost you more about three or four times. Moreover, the time you spend to design those things, you can use it to do other tasks that will benefit your business more. If you look at the aspect of SEO, a responsive website is better and more effective than others because you can get more traffic and leads from your website. And finally, your sale revenue and ROI will increase.

  1. So easy and convenient to manage

Using  a separate website for mobile and desktop to manage your campaigns will require far more efforts, resource and time rather than just using responsive website, you can see the whole picture easily and if you want to check any details, that is also OK, so convenient. One thing we want to remind that as mentioned in part 3, if you are in SEO campaign, a responsive website is the key factor you should take advantage.

  1. Highly recommended by Google

Don't forget the giant Google, they hold and control all the rules of the game. Google recommends responsive website because it uses one URL and same HTML irrespective of the device, that crawling and indexing the content become more easily than ever. When the supreme decider chooses you, you will be the winner in that race.

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