In our today’s modern society, along with the explosion of global eCommerce industry, we can observe the rapid development and popularity of printing companies. As the result, the demands of great web to print software for building professional website also increase as well. Sympathizing with your worry, we, Cmsmart, are glad to offer you one of the best extensions developed by our smart developer team and called “Magento Order Upload Extension”. It is a great leap forward that improves the customer’s experience with printing works through their desired features and a truly demanding order. This module is mostly used on online printing company shops which allow their potential customers to upload their desired images and designs if they want to place orders for printing services. Besides owing this product with actually reasonable price, the most important thing is clients can install this extension without doing any hacks to core Magento files.

Here are the list of its hottest features and advantages:


- Binding images or uploading files directly on the product details page
- Directly uploading files on Frontend
- Supporting multiple files types
- Uploading multiple files at the same time
- Deleting/canceling files during upload process
- Putting uploaded files up on the checkout page and in the confirmed order email
- Used as a custom Magento product field
- Managing files inside Order Management admin panel
- Setting the width and height of the flash upload window.
- Easy and customizable configuration
- Friendly UI and high adaptive


- Make your site more friendly for users.
- Because of saving many time for customers, therefore sales volume increase
- Easily manage file in Admin panel helps shop owner doing better.
- Customize it simple and convenient in back-end.


- Users are enabled to bind images or upload files directly into each product on the product details page when they fill an order for this product.

- This product allows working with any types of file like doc, docx, xls, xlsx,jpg, jpeg, png, txt…

- By integrating Ajax, several files will be uploaded without refreshing the page, you can save your huge time.
- Just by only one click, user can delete the uploading files or add their comments. After upload complete images files will be automatically thumbnails created. Besides, shoppers no need to login to upload files

- The advantages of one –page checkout software is undeniable and can upload different files/ images into different products and add all into cart and check out the same times. Uploaded file will be shown on the shopping cart page, into the Magento order of client account.

- You can decide which products are uploaded or not
- You will realize which uploaded files/images belong to products inside the same orders/ same buyers.

If you own a Magento web store in general and a printing company in particular, you cannot miss product.