The shopping habit of human beings have been changed with the advent of ecommerce website. This gives users the ability to buy products within few clicks. The number of online shoppers is growing exponentially. In 2019, it’s estimated that there are 1.92 billion digital buyers and ecommerce sales account for 14.1% of retail purchases worldwide. To meet the demands of consumer products such as t-shirts, brands and retailers must create unique ideas, produce new designs, and look for products that can satisfy customers. . So how to not spend a lot of resources in finding ideas that satisfy customers and satisfy the preferences of each customer? Letting your customers design t-shirts is the perfect way to balance supply and demand. The individual t-shirt is a big hit in all age groups worldwide.

The online t-shirt design tool is the solution to help e-commerce or print businesses meet the needs of their customers. This tool allows end users to personalize their preferences onto individual t-shirts. In addition, this t-shirt design tool also comes with various advanced features that make t-shirt personalization fun and enjoyable. By integrating such t-shirt design software online into your online store, it delivers a richer experience to your customers and stays with them longer on your website. Now, let's take a look at the list of essential features in the online T-shirt design tool that you should keep in mind. Explore in the article below.

Must have features in the online T-shirt design tool

1. Add clip art

What's the coolest thing about a customization tool? There is no limit.

By offering them more options you can get more customers to come to your online store. Hence, when you are choosing a online T-shirt design tool for your t-shirt ecommerce store, make sure to include advanced clipart management features. This feature will give customers the ability to add clipart to their designs along with applying effects like crop and resize. And our online T-shirt design tool totally have it.

Besides, users can choose images from different resources as their computer, URL, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Dropbox, Webcam, Pixabay and Unplash. With more than 1,5 million beautiful images, you can search and find the one you love.

In addtition, our social media sharing allows customers to share their designs, and also acts as word of mouth marketing for your business.

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2. Color management

Each customer has a different favorite color. Therefore, you also need to provide your customers with different color options. To provide such options, your tool must have a color management feature that allows the client to manage print colors for t-shirt designs. This way, users will be able to easily choose their own favorite color to add to the design.

3. Upload custom images

If users are not satisfied with the sample image, a perfect online T-shirt design tool will come with the option to upload custom images directly from the user's desktop to add to their design. This will allow customers to add a personal touch to their design and make it more appealing with custom images. With custom image upload feature, it allows your clients to create unique and creative t-shirt designs

And, they can also choose from a variety of sources like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Freepik, etc.

4. Add/curve text, 200+ typography and 600+ fonts

Adding text in different colors, fonts and sizes is essential so that customers can personalize their t-shirts. In particular, they can bend the text in their designs and edit just about anything. With our Online designer, there are more than 200 typefaces available and 600+ fonts are included in this tool allowing customers to freely design to their liking

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5. Intergrated Prinful

There is one special feature in our online T-shirt design tool that you absolutely know it. With Warehousing and Fulfillment feature, you can store products sold at your ecommerce store in our warehouse and we will fulfill your orders and deliver products directly to your clients under your own brand.

6. General function

In addition to adding clipart, images and drawing objects to the t-shirt design. A good online T-shirt design tool will give the client some general functionality like adding numbers or text on the design, layer management function, freely adding art, changing color, moving, resizing, rotating, deleting art, flipping and more. The online T-shirt design tool should also allow customers to preview the design before they are finalizing it.


These are important and must-have features that you should look for in a t-shirt design tool for your e-commerce business or printing business. And all of these features includes in our Best online T-shirt design tool which is integrated in Tshirt website template. If you want to own an online clothing store theme template integrated with online design tools, feel free to access the DEMO here for more information. If you only want a online T-shirt design tool, check out our product here. 

Above is the 5 must have features in the online T-shirt design tool that you need to know. If you have any questions about this product, dont hesitate to contact us. We are willing to answer all of your questions

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