Why does a web to print website need an automatic pricing calculator? 

Some stores sell products that are straightforward.  A shopper views it, likes it, and adds it to their cart. But for many other WooCommerce stores, shoppers will be asked to make choices before that “add to cart” button can be clicked, especially for WooCommerce Web to print. 

Whether these choices are simple color selections or multiple options for size, shape or materials depends on what printing product you sell. The one thing that won’t change is your use of product variations to make viewing and selecting the right options a simple task for your consumers. 

Creating the attributes to assign to variable products can be a straightforward process. For example,  if you sell a T-shirt in a couple of sizes, you just need to make and assign size attributes — that is, small, medium, large, XL, XXL, and so on.

But the need can emerge to create more complex attributes. Perhaps you offer the shirt in three various shades of blue, or with two versions of a similar print, one of which has a metallic sheen. Or perhaps you offer three various cuts or fits.

In addition, for some specific printing products such as business cards, posters, flyers...consumers always place a large quantity. To encourage shoppers to purchase more and in higher quantities, merchants will often offer quantity discounts on certain products, also known as bulk pricing. Bulk pricing involves offering a particular item or group of items at a lower price based on the number ordered. This is particularly useful to wholesalers and merchants who sell items that are typically bought in large quantities which requires your pricing calculator tools to support bulk price setting. 

This is useful if you want to offer the same kind of bulk pricing rule incentive across multiple, similar products in one or more categories.

Customize your pricing calculator to be fit with your business model

As I mentioned above, it is very important to make all the product variations easy to view, browse, and buy for users. So, many partners contacted us to customize the price calculator table on their product page in order to improve their website user experience. They want to make the order and payment processes the easiest for online customers. 

For your information, this is how most of the pricing calculators work on the web to print. 

When sending us requests to develop new features, our partners also describe how they want to customize the pricing calculator design. Or they might send an example from another website to show how they want it to be. 

Setting up your variations is the simple part. Making those variations easy to browse, and buy is where you may require a helping hand.

The following are some of the best practices for displaying variable products on your online store, all of which will eventually help you meet your goal of selling more products.


The main purpose of this doing is to display the product variants of a variable product in the form that make selection easier for prospects.

The pricing calculator is shown in a neat and clear way. Users choose the product variation in the dropdown box and then choose to upload design files or design online (it depends on how the admin sets up the product in the back-end). Once they choose all the variations, the total price will be automatically calculated at the bottom. Users also could see the product rates.

It allows you to set up these dynamic prices based on categories, tags, or even product attributes. This means you can even set special promotions based on certain variation attributes in your store.


Users could choose all product variations, input the custom dimension, then click on the calculate price button to know the exact price. It also shows the net price, price with VAT, and total price separately. Users also could choose to upload design files or design online.

The attributes you create ought to be clear and easy to understand at a glance, regardless of how complex the variations really are. Remember that shoppers might be choosing from a list of choices, so the more clear you can describe what you’re selling, the better.

A drop-down list of attributes is sometimes the first sign a customer has of what their decisions are. This itself is not so attractive and you have no visual idea of what you are choosing unless there is a different featured image for each variant. Not being descriptive enough can drive the consumer away, however so can a huge number of decisions. This is where you can use color swatches to display your products in a more attractive way.

You can display color variation swatches on the product page. So a person will be able to see what color he/she is choosing. This is particularly engaging and creates a desire for people to choose a variant. Similarly, you can display variant types such as shape variation using image swatches of shapes, or label swatches to choose the size.


Admin could choose to show the product variations in large thumbnails or dropdown boxes. In this way, your product page looks colorful and visual which easily attracts consumers when they come to your website. We also could help you to arrange the box in a logical way to avoid confusing your consumers. No matter what your ideas are, we will help you to turn them into reality. 

There are so many ways to design your price calculator box on the product page. If you provide potential clients with the practical information they need, this will save everyone’s time and speed up the purchasing process. Also, your support team will have fewer requests and questions about the costs of different service packages/product types. Your customers can easily calculate shipping expenses, the amount of money they need to prepare for a certain product quantity, and much more. So, don’t forget to include them on your site to make your website processes practical and user-friendly.

Let CMSMART help to make your product variations easy to preview & easier to sell

Transparency is the key to building trust in online businesses, especially in eCommerce. When people know the expected delivery time, what the shipping conditions are, and what the current status of their order is, they are more likely to make a purchase or hire you and your team. That’s why sharing pricing details about your products and services make a real difference. With the right cost calculator tool, your customers can quickly and efficiently tot up price estimation for the products and services they’re interested in. Knowing this information in advance is crucial for turning website visitors into new customers.

Knowing the importance of this, CMSMART team always does our best to help our customers to have a perfect website for their business. We listen to all of our customer’s problems and give them advice. With more than 9 years of experience in website development, we know what is best for your business. Our aim is to bring our customers the right tools to grow their businesses. 

We hope these ideas help you make your variations simple to set up, improve, and sell, regardless of how many products you’re offering.

Have any questions for us about improving your variations? Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll certainly lend you a hand.