In this narrative, we delve into the transformative journey of businesses that have harnessed the power of CMSmart's comprehensive suite of services. Discover how CMSmart, as a dedicated partner in digital success, has played a pivotal role in elevating online presence, streamlining operations, and driving significant results for businesses across diverse industries. Through real-world examples and in-depth analysis, this case study unfolds the impact of CMSmart's expertise, innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Join us as we explore the stories of businesses that have embraced digital transformation and achieved remarkable success with CMSmart.

Client profile - Printomatic 

Step into the enhanced world of Printomatic! Beyond being a mere online printing entity, we stand as your dedicated ally, committed to breathing life into your creative visions through top-tier printing solutions. Our steadfast dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer contentment remains unswerving as we embark on this exhilarating journey.

Printomatic, a trailblazer in the online printing sector, upholds a legacy of unparalleled service and quality. With a seasoned team of experts and state-of-the-art printing technology, we continue to set the benchmark for superior printing solutions tailored to the distinct needs of our clients

Printomatic's Mission

At Printomatic, our mission is crystal clear: we recognize the importance of delivering outstanding prints promptly and within your budget. Swift turnaround times, competitive pricing, and an unwavering satisfaction guarantee define our commitment. Your contentment is at the heart of all our endeavors.

Printomatic's Products

Our extensive array of customizable and budget-friendly printing products caters to diverse needs. Whether promoting your business, advertising an event, or crafting personalized gifts, Printomatic has your back. From business cards, brochures, flyers, postcards, banners, signs, labels, to stickers, we offer the perfect solution.

Effortless Designing

To enhance your printing experience, we provide a range of online design tools and resources. Our user-friendly online design tool empowers you to effortlessly create custom designs for your printed materials. For real estate agents and more, our free image background removal tool simplifies creating property flyers and marketing materials.

We also offer a collection of free templates and pre-made designs, crafted by professional graphic designers, available for various marketing materials like property flyers, brochures, and business cards. Your creativity knows no bounds with Printomatic.

Sustainability Matters

We proudly champion environmental sustainability. Our eco-friendly printing practices and materials, including soy-based inks, recycled paper, and energy-efficient equipment, minimize our impact on the environment. We strive to make a positive contribution to the world we live in.

Partner in Success

In essence, Printomatic transcends the role of a printing company; we are your partner in success. Our comprehensive tools and resources empower both businesses and individuals to effortlessly create high-quality marketing materials that effectively promote products and services. Our dedication to exceptional service propels us to surpass your expectations with every print job.

Welcome to the renewed Printomatic – where excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction converge to elevate your printing experience. Join us on this exciting journey, and let's craft something exceptional together.

The difficult of Printomat When Lacking Lots of Design Functions for Customers

The difficulty of integrating Printomatic into an ecommerce website may stem from a perceived lack of several essential functions during the design phase. Users might face challenges due to the absence or limitations of certain features in the design process, hindering a seamless integration with the ecommerce platform. This can impact the user experience and potentially create hurdles for businesses looking to implement Printomatic for product customization.

Possible difficulties could include:

Limited Design Customization Options

If Printomatic lacks a diverse range of design customization features, users may find it challenging to create unique and personalized products, restricting the creative freedom for both businesses and customers.

Complex User Interface: A complicated or intuitive user interface can contribute to difficulties during the setup process. Users might struggle to navigate the tool efficiently, impacting their ability to design and customize products effortlessly.

Incompatibility with E-commerce Platforms

If Printomatic is not seamlessly compatible with popular ecommerce platforms, users may encounter difficulties integrating it into their existing online store. Compatibility issues could lead to disruptions in the workflow and hinder a smooth setup process.

Limited Template Options

A lack of diverse templates or pre-made designs might pose challenges for users who rely on such resources for quick and professional-looking product customization. Limited design templates can limit the variety of products that can be effectively customized.

Poor Mobile Responsiveness

If Printomatic doesn't offer a responsive design that works well on mobile devices, businesses may face challenges in catering to users who prefer to design and shop using smartphones or tablets.

Insufficient Product Information Display

Users may find it difficult to showcase all necessary product details and variations clearly, impacting the overall user experience. This is particularly crucial for ecommerce websites where customers rely on accurate product representations before making a purchase.

Addressing these challenges by enhancing the feature set, improving the user interface, ensuring compatibility with various ecommerce platforms, and providing ample design resources can significantly contribute to overcoming difficulties associated with integrating Printomatic into an ecommerce website. Continuous updates and improvements based on user feedback are essential to address potential pain points and ensure a smoother user experience during the setup process.

Solution of Printcart - Enhance Comprehensive Feature for Ecommerce Business 

Keyboard Shortcut 

To enhance the user experience in PrintCart, we propose the implementation of custom keyboard shortcuts, focusing on actions related to object selection, grouping, ungrouping, copying, cutting, and pasting. The cost for implementing these keyboard shortcuts is estimated at $150 USD. Below is a description of the proposed keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl + A - Select All:

Current Functionality: Selects all objects on the page.

Proposed Enhancement: This functionality is already available in PrintCart.

Ctrl + G - Group Selected Objects:

Current Functionality: Groups the currently selected objects.

Proposed Enhancement: This functionality is already available in PrintCart.

Ctrl + U - Ungroup:

Current Functionality: Not available.

Proposed Enhancement: Implement the Ctrl + U keyboard shortcut to ungroup selected objects. This will provide users with a quick and efficient way to ungroup elements.

Ctrl + C - Copy:

Current Functionality: Copies the selected objects.

Proposed Enhancement: This functionality is already available in PrintCart.

Ctrl + X - Cut:

Current Functionality: Cuts the selected objects.

Proposed Enhancement: This functionality is already available in PrintCart.

Ctrl + V - Paste:

Current Functionality: Pastes the copied or cut objects.

Proposed Enhancement: This functionality is already available in PrintCart.

By implementing these custom keyboard shortcuts, PrintCart users will experience improved efficiency and a more streamlined workflow. Users can easily perform actions such as ungrouping, copying, cutting, and pasting with the added convenience of intuitive keyboard commands. This enhancement not only adds value to the user interface but also accelerates the design process for a more user-friendly experience. The estimated cost for this implementation is $150 USD.

Deactivated Button for customer 

To achieve the functionality you've described, where the upload button is deactivated when a custom design is present and vice versa, a dynamic and responsive user interface is necessary. Below is a suggested approach for implementing this feature:

When Custom Design is Present, it will deactivate Upload Button: Implement a script that checks whether a custom design is present.

If a custom design is detected, dynamically deactivate the upload button to prevent users from attempting to upload additional files while a custom design is in place.

Provide a visual indication, such as a tooltip or disabled appearance, to inform users that file uploads are not allowed when a custom design is active.

When File is Uploaded, it will deactivate Custom Design:Implement a script to monitor file uploads.

If a file is successfully uploaded, deactivate the custom design functionality to prevent conflicts between custom designs and uploaded files.

Clearly communicate to users that the custom design has been deactivated and that they can now use the uploaded file.

Toggle Between Upload and Custom Design, clear Existing Designs: Provide an option for users to clear either the custom design or the uploaded file. When a user chooses to upload a file, clear any existing custom designs and vice versa. This ensures a clean slate for the user to switch between custom designs and uploaded files seamlessly.

By implementing these features, you can create a user-friendly interface that intuitively responds to user actions. Users will have a smooth experience as they transition between custom designs and uploaded files, with clear indications of when certain actions are allowed or restricted.

Background opacity in the page 

Background opacity refers to the degree of transparency or translucency applied to the background of an element on a webpage. It allows you to control how much the background color or image of an element should blend with the content behind it. This effect is commonly achieved using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and the rgba color model.

In summary, background opacity is a versatile design tool that allows web developers to control the transparency of background elements, adding depth, style, and a modern aesthetic to webpages. It's an effective way to create visually appealing interfaces while maintaining a clear separation between different layers of content.

Benefits of Cmsmart With These Functionality 

Certainly! Let's explore the benefits of adding the three functionalities mentioned (custom keyboard shortcuts, deactivating upload when custom design is present, and toggling background opacity) to a web application:

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Enhanced User Productivity

Users can perform common actions with greater speed and efficiency using keyboard shortcuts. This is particularly beneficial for power users who prefer keyboard navigation over mouse interactions

Intuitive Interaction

Keyboard shortcuts contribute to a more intuitive user interface, allowing users to perform actions in a way that feels natural and seamless. This can lead to a positive and user-friendly experience.


Custom keyboard shortcuts can improve accessibility for users who may have difficulty using a mouse. It provides an alternative and efficient means of interaction

Competitive Advantage

Implementing custom keyboard shortcuts can set your application apart from competitors by offering an additional layer of customization and user control.

Deactivating Upload Button When Custom Design is Present:**

Preventing Conflicts

By deactivating the upload button when a custom design is present, you avoid potential conflicts between user-uploaded files and existing custom designs. This ensures a smoother and error-free user experience.

User-Friendly Design

The feature prevents users from attempting actions that could lead to undesired outcomes, creating a user-friendly interface that guides users toward appropriate actions.

Clarity and Feedback

Deactivating the upload button provides clear feedback to users about the state of the application. Users are informed that certain actions are restricted when a custom design is active.

Improved Workflow

Users can seamlessly switch between uploading files and creating custom designs without the risk of unintended interactions, improving the overall workflow.

Toggling Background Opacity

Aesthetic Appeal

 Adjusting background opacity can enhance the visual appeal of the website by introducing a subtle and modern design element. It adds a layer of sophistication to the overall look and feel.

Focus on Content

Background opacity allows you to control the emphasis on specific content or sections. This can guide users' attention to key elements without overwhelming them with a fully opaque background.

Dynamic Design

Toggling background opacity dynamically, perhaps in response to user interactions or scrolling, can create engaging and dynamic user interfaces. It adds a layer of interactivity to the design

Readability and Accessibility

Carefully adjusting background opacity ensures that text remains readable and that content maintains sufficient contrast, contributing to improved accessibility and a positive user experience.


The ability to toggle background opacity is versatile, allowing you to apply the effect to various elements on the page. This flexibility contributes to creative and customized design options.

Incorporating these functionalities collectively contributes to a more efficient, user-friendly, and visually appealing web application. The combination of enhanced productivity, intuitive design, and thoughtful user feedback can result in a positive and memorable user experience.

Steps to Use These Customization Effectively

Keyboard Shortcut 

 Step 1: You can choose "Customize" button to start your design process. 

Step 2: You click "Photo" section then upload the images you expect. There are 2 sections you can opt for uploading your images or clicking/dragging the images in this section. 

Step 3: Then you can use the keyboard shortcut that we customized to make you easier in designing process, including: 

Ctrl A - select all ( select all objects in the page ) - this is available now

Ctrl G - group selected objects - this is available now

Ctrl U - un group

Ctrl C - copy

Ctrl X - cut

Ctrl V - paste

Deactivate Button 

Step 1: Choose "Upload" button on Home page to upload your images

Step 2: Select your file you expect 


Step 3: Select files, but notice that you can only upload PDF files


Step 4: Then "Customize" button is deactivated. If you want to deactivate "Upload" button, you can follow the same steps as deactivating "Upload" button. 

Background Opacity 

Step 1: You choose "Background" button on TaskBar, then upload the images you expect to make background for your design. 


Step 2: You adjust the opacity of this background as your reference. This will make the background clearer or not. 

Oustanding Results When Appy These Customization

Background Opacity

Result: The background of your webpage will have a specified level of transparency, creating a layered effect with the content on top.

Effect: This feature can add a subtle, modern, and visually appealing touch to your design. It allows the background to partially show through, providing depth to your webpage.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Result: Users can perform certain actions using keyboard shortcuts (e.g., Ctrl + A for select all, Ctrl + G for group, Ctrl + U for ungroup).

Effect: Enhances user productivity and provides an alternative, faster means of interacting with your application, catering to users who prefer keyboard navigation.

Deactivating Upload Button Based on Conditions

Result: The upload button is dynamically activated or deactivated based on the presence of a custom design or uploaded file.

Effect: Ensures a streamlined user experience, preventing conflicts between custom designs and file uploads. Users are guided toward appropriate actions, enhancing usability.

Lesson Learnd

The combined result of implementing these features is a more user-friendly, visually appealing, and efficient web application. Users can navigate and interact with your webpage seamlessly, whether through intuitive keyboard shortcuts or dynamic adjustments to the user interface based on specific conditions.

Considerations for a successful implementation:

  • Consistency: Ensure that the design and behavior are consistent across different pages and elements of your website.

  • Feedback: Provide visual feedback for user interactions, such as successful execution of keyboard shortcuts or clear indicators when certain actions are restricted.

  • Testing: Thoroughly test these features in various scenarios to identify and address any issues or unexpected behaviors.

  • User Education: If you introduce new features, consider providing onboarding information or tooltips to educate users about the functionalities.

By carefully implementing and testing these features, you can create a more engaging and efficient user experience on your webpage.

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With a deep understanding of market dynamics, consumer behavior, and industry best practices, Mr. Garp brings valuable insights and strategic guidance to his clients. He possesses a comprehensive knowledge of e-commerce platforms, technologies, and trends, allowing him to provide tailored solutions that drive business growth and maximize online potential.
Mr. Garp excels at analyzing client needs, identifying opportunities, and formulating effective strategies to enhance online presence, increase conversions, and optimize the customer journey. His data-driven approach and attention to detail enable him to develop comprehensive e-commerce strategies that deliver measurable results.
As a Senior Ecommerce Consultant, Mr. Garp is adept at working closely with clients to understand their unique requirements, challenges, and goals. He collaborates with cross-functional teams to implement e-commerce solutions that align with business objectives and deliver exceptional user experiences.
Beyond his technical expertise, Mr. Garp possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills. He is known for his ability to effectively communicate complex concepts, build rapport with stakeholders, and foster strong client relationships. He takes a client-centric approach, ensuring that solutions are tailored to meet their specific needs and objectives.
With his extensive knowledge, strategic mindset, and dedication to client success, Mr. D Garp is a valuable asset for businesses seeking to establish or optimize their e-commerce presence. His guidance and insights help clients navigate the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape and achieve sustainable growth in the digital marketplace.