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The Printomatic Challenge: Meeting Your Printing Needs with Excellence and Innovation:

One of the foremost challenges faced by was the need to enhance their platform in order to cater to the increasing demand for personalized print products. The existing limitations, such as the lack of options for background image customization, predefined images, and color palette selection, significantly constrained their customers' creative freedom. As a result, experienced difficulties in attracting and retaining customers who sought distinctive and visually captivating designs for their products. Overcoming these obstacles required strategic and innovative solutions that would not only address these limitations but also offer a seamless and engaging user experience that would keep customers coming back for more.  

CMSmart Team: Revolutionizing Printomatic’s Platform to Overcome Challenges

The CMSmart team, a highly experienced software development company that specializes in Web-to-Print eCommerce projects, took on the task of addressing the challenges faced by Leveraging their deep expertise and knowledge, the team devised a comprehensive solution to elevate the platform to new heights. This solution involved the creation of the innovative "NBdesigner" interface, which introduced a wide array of advanced customization options. These options included the ability to upload background images, select from a library of predefined images, and choose from a diverse color palette. With the implementation of these enhancements,'s customers now have the freedom and flexibility to create unique and visually appealing designs for their print products.  


The CMSmart team embarked on a comprehensive implementation process. They seamlessly integrated the "Background" tab into the platform, allowing users to upload their images, and offering a real-time visual preview. Additionally, they developed a repository of samples and defined background images, which could be managed through an admin interface. This required a back-end system capable of storing and managing the growing image library.

Despite facing challenges in image storage and management, CMSmart team skillfully overcame obstacles by implementing efficient cloud storage solutions. The implementation process followed an iterative development approach, ensuring timely milestones were achieved.

This is how we did it:

A new color setting has been introduced in the online designer. This new feature allows customers to customize the color of text layers in their designs, giving them the flexibility to choose any color they desire. Additionally, the functionality of cut, copy, and paste buttons has been implemented to maintain the proportion of designs when moving a layer to another page. These buttons serve their intended purpose of facilitating efficient design manipulation while ensuring that the overall composition remains intact.  

A recent update has been made to the online designer in the form of a new tab called "background." The purpose of this tab is to assist customers in adding backgrounds to their designs. This feature aims to simplify the process and provide ease of use by allowing users to either add their own backgrounds or choose from a selection of pre-made options available.  

We also implemented in the backend system to allow admins to upload pre-made backgrounds for customers to use. This feature provides the admin with the ability to easily upload files and also delete them if desired. Admins can now personalize the selection of backgrounds available for customers, enhancing the range of options and customization possibilities in the online designer.

Then they will appear in the online designer like this


The results of the CMSmart team's solution were transformative. The "NBDesigner" platform, empowered with background image customization, predefined images, and color palette selection, witnessed remarkable improvements. Customer engagement surged as users embraced the creative freedom the enhanced platform offered. Quantitative data showcased a significant uptick in user activity, longer time spent on the platform, and increased conversion rates for customized orders.

Benefits to the Printomatic team

As a result of the improvements made to its platform, reaped numerous benefits. One of the most significant advantages was the ability to attract a broader customer base of individuals seeking personalized print products. The enhanced platform and its intuitive interface made it easier for users to navigate and design, resulting in a reduction in customer support inquiries. also enjoyed positive feedback from customers through testimonials, which highlighted the improved user experience. These testimonials contributed to a stronger overall brand perception, as customers were more satisfied with the quality of service and the level of customization available.

Overall, the solution provided by the CMSmart team not only addressed the challenges faced by but also had a transformative impact on their business. The enhanced platform attracted more customers, streamlined the design process, and ultimately enhanced the overall brand perception of  

Lessons Learned

Through this collaboration, CMSmart team gained valuable insights into the nuances of Web-to-Print eCommerce. Challenges related to image storage and seamless integration were key takeaways, guiding future development projects. The iterative approach employed proved vital in addressing challenges as they arose.

Final words

The case study of's transformation through the CMSmart team's expertise serves as a beacon of success in the realm of Web-to-Print eCommerce. By creatively solving challenges and implementing innovative solutions, CMSmart Team not only met but exceeded client expectations. This collaboration underscores the immense value a proficient software development partner can bring to businesses aiming to enhance their digital presence and customer engagement.