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Browse design andd upload not working

I love the template but BROWSE and PRINT not workingI want something like this on browse and upload to testCan you help to make it work like the...
Wale Olajumoke
By Wale Olajumoke

Magento Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest

Hii have a problem by Magento Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest issue is that whwn i push search button it says no result found but i have lot of product by that characters and they...
By pegah

Questions before buying

Hi, I hope this is the right place to ask my questions... Before I buy this plugin could you please inform me if it is compatible with Joomla 3.4.5 and Virtuemart 3.0.12? Furthermore I would like to...
By Andrea

Virtuemart 3.0.12

Hello,I am very content with the product, it does what it is supposed to do and the support is very excellent (we had two issues that have been resolved good and fast).Here`s my question: is...
Axel Booltink
By Axel Booltink

Support for Multiple Ship-to Addresses

Will this module support the passing of a list of several ship-to addresses from an SSO provider?
Andy Leitner
By Andy Leitner

Matrix Theme - Hot magento theme for shopping on mobile

Inspired with a modern flat design, Matrix theme is yet another excellent option to change the style of your Magento mobile shopping applications!DescriptionInspired with a modern, flat design,...
Kane Tran
By Kane Tran

Doubts Before I Buy

Hello!I would like to solve some doubts before I purchase this plugin.As a site which sells photography items, one important feature would be to sell photo processing. For that to work I would need...
By Design

Customizable Product Page?

Hi,Is it possible to customize the product page with like 4 drop downs then the grid option like we see on the demo?One example is here:...
By Jon

Smaller Version?

Hi,This looks amazing and does everything we would need it too. Its just a little out of our price range as we are a start up company. Do you offer a smaller version without full features for lower...
By Jon

Virtuemart Order Upload plugin - max upload size ?

Hi,I tried in DEMO a 3.5MB file and it said over limit. I want to know what the max upload size is ?Is it depends on Browser, or hosting server or the setting in plugin ?thanks
Jason Lim
By Jason Lim

Bottom cut off

Hello on the item off so you can not select an option and the "add to cart" button is not there as well as the footer.I can send you screen shot.
Ray sha
By Ray sha

How with magento 2?

Does the theme work with magento 2?Best regard
Roland Porada
By Roland Porada


Hi I would like to buy the theme "Magento Printing Website Theme" but I would like to know if included in the price there is also "price matrix" and "ONLINE PRODUCT DESIGN EXTENSION". thanks for the...
By Giada

Absolute Pricing?

Hi This extensions looks great - however I need to know if it is capable of handling "Absolute" pricing?e.g. - Setup costs for printing a product - this could be a once only charge and not effected...
Peter Schroeder
By Peter Schroeder

Order Upload plugin

I bought Order Upload Plugin, I installed both nb_system_uploadpro_v3.1.0 and nb_vm_custom_photoupload_v3.1.0.I created a customfields, added to product, but I see only title in product page and I...
Legnami Paioletti
By Legnami Paioletti