Building an empire for your own, selling your products, attracting other famous brand and collecting commission, does it sound so great for any business owners? You can make this wonderful thing come true with multistore WordPress theme package from Netbase team.
ETIENNE HABAKUBAHO has been successful with a multi-vendor marketplace model with this WordPress theme. He is a software developer from a company that is in providing IT solutions segmentation. Its headquarters in Kigali, Rwanda. Their website is

Habakubaho and Success story about MultiStore WordPress Theme
1. The reason why he chooses Multistore WordPress theme
1.1 The feature he likes
1.2 what he thinks about Multi WordPress Theme

1. The reason why he chooses multistore WordPress theme is :

"I have choose your product because it has all my requirement I need and it is very easy for customizing. Solutionit provides a good way where sellers can add their product on my website, also you provide a good support on the time, thank you for your support team, it is not easy to get any support from other product, but for you, you are the one. Especially when compare to fortune-creations at"

1.1 The features he likes most are multivendor, customization features and slide revolution. The installation process was also rated as easy-to-finish. He also gave some reviews about the quality of customer service here:

"You have good team for support especially Giang Vu ,this man I appreciate him is good developer according to the support he gives me: if possible give him my email address [email protected], I want to send an email to him for Merci(thank) .or send me his email address."

1.2. After using this product he has started to share with different friends in order to use our product. He also gave us so many great ideas to update multistore WordPress theme

"You have to add "VIEW CART" button, where you will see this button after to click on ADD TO CART button, I order to facilitate the user for using this your platform like this : . So, it will be better for your customers and yours if do that."

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