Keyword research is the term in SEO that any SEO person knows about it. However, to carry out an effective SEO campaign, it is not enough to understand and master it, it is considered a vital skill to be able to upgrade your level to the Leader level. Before going into the tutorial we would like to go from the beginning on keyword research for some of you who are not familiar with it.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is a term in SEO (Adwords also uses this term but in more popular SEO), Keyword research is a very elaborate step that is implemented before conducting any SEO campaign. And is one of the pretty essential factors determining the success of the SEO plan and business plan of the business (if the business invests heavily in SEO).

The main job of keyword analysis is to find out which keywords are most searched for, most relevant to the company's business strategy, and most importantly, best suited to human resources (I often call it consistent with the intrinsic strength of the company). And In this article, we will share some useful keyword research tips.

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How many types of keywords are there?

Depending on the training center or SEO teachers, keywords are divided into many forms or use many different words to distinguish the keyword types. In this article, CMSmart will guide the classification of keywords related to the sales website because in this field the most diverse keywords and novice SEOs often find it difficult in this stage of Keyword research. I divide the keywords into the following categories: 

It doesn't matter if it's long, it's short, no matter if it's niche or not. Just know one thing the person searching for that keyword is our potential customers, we will list them in this group. You should SEO before niche keywords, long keywords, main keywords will SEO later.

The advice is that you should arrange at the beginning if you do not want to scratch the landing page later when the keyword of 10k Volume. In this group, the keyword will have the following forms:

1. General keywords

(You check the list of the website selling themes, each category contains ambition keywords). Users search for this keyword may be the first time they use or have used it but do not remember the exact product name. This type of keyword can close sales, but many factors affect a keyword's ability to close a sale such as: What your website looks like, How many products on the list of categories? Is there a product that customers are looking for?

Example: If you want to find a Magento theme for your website but you don't know any products on the market. At the time, you will open a search engine to find out a product. So what keyword you will enter on the search engine? Maybe: Magento themes, Magento theme for website...

2. Keyword correct product name (product details) 

In another word, you could understand this may be is keyword brand name of the product (brand category of product). The person searching for this keyword is usually someone who has used a product they want to return to or may be introduced to by a friend. A number of people who see other one used effectively something but have some reasons make they do not ask and want to research by own. So you will list them in this group. This type of keyword has a high chance of closing a sale, but it requires that your product has been on the market for a long enough time. 

Examples of keywords with correct product names: NB online design Magento, Magento Multi store Marketplace Demo,  ...

NB designer becomes branding product from CMSmart, many users who remember product name and return search by correct keyword. 


3. General keywords related to features

We usually put in Tag or you can write an article in the news for it. The person searching for this keyword is that they are having a problem and need to find a product that handles their problem well. This type of keyword is capable of closing a sale well if your article handles that problem enough for users to read on them can be assured or trust.

Examples of general keywords related to product features: Install Magento multi vendor marketplace, get license key on Magento 2 marketplace, Magento call for price extension….

4. Product brand keywords

You can put in product details if your landing page is strong enough. In our opinion, you should SEO tag or create an article, then you will have more positions on the top later). It has different from the above keyword in that the user searches for the exact product they want to search, so the sales ability will be higher in the form of the keyword above.

Examples of product feature keywords: NBdesign online design Magento, Magento multistore marketplace…

5. Keyword location purchase

Landing page is a news article or also a product tag if you want more convenience for customers to refer to the product after reading the article. We believe that it doesn't need to be said much about the conversion rates of this group of keywords. Because the demand for this client file is very high. Therefore, you should consider other factors that affect the ability to close sales such as price, promotion, company brand, competitive advantage….

6. Organic keyword (Landing page can be a news article or Tag)

In this group of keywords, a customer may be using the product for the first time, looking for an alternative product instead of the current product. effectiveness or they lose trust in other businesses (somewhat abstract but reading the example you will understand more about this group of keywords)

7. Product brand review keyword, top list

Landing page can be a news article or tag, but my advice is that you should put this article on an intermediary website because customers think cats compliment that long-tailed cats lead to Their trust when reading the article will decrease. The customer group of this keyword group is often used for the first time, they are introduced by friends or see many advertisers but do not believe much so they want to consult more.

Examples of keywords in the market segment: Top 5 Best Print Shop Wordpress Themes On Themeforest

8. Keywords about risk:

Landing page can be news articles or tags. People who search for this keyword are often knowledgeable about the ingredients in the product or they are allergic to ingredients and want to use other forms.

9. Keyword identification characteristics

Landing page can be Tags if you have many products that are similar in characteristics or product details if you only have a product with that feature. Customers who search for this type of keyword are people who have an interest in that characteristic or have been "educated" by brands about product feature awareness. An identifier is something we can see with the naked eye or it presents through a physical form through which we can use it to distinguish it from other products with the same use.

10. The keyword about the price of the brand, product

(The best landing page for this keyword type is the sale page articles that do not show the price at the top of the page): Customers searching for these keywords are usually those who have never hours of use through the product, so if you have not read the product information and look at the price immediately, many customers will probably ignore it because the price may be higher than they think. Give them information about the value of the product before telling them how the product is priced, then the benefits that the product offers at that price are cheap or reasonable.

11. Landing page keywords

Landing page we often use is Product Tags. This group of keywords also reach the target group of new customers and they are looking for product lines that are suitable for their budget.

Regarding the group of sales keywords, we classified different categories to analyze the search behavior of different types of customers, so that we can write content more relevant to the search needs, and the users can access it properly. what they are looking for is more likely to purchase. 

The above are 11 Types of keywords in SEO that will help your website to increase conversion rate. And if you want to save time on this problem, please contact us to get a free consultant about keyword research service. Special, if you are looking for a solution for your multivendor marketplace website. Click here to experience all templates of Magento multi vendor marketplace from CMSmart  


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