What is Product Video?

A product video explains the benefits of a product and the pain points these clients may encounter. A demo video increases conversion rates easily. You can use a creative and engaging story to demonstrate how your product functions and the impact it has in the real world. A product video can create a better lasting impression in the consumer’s mind, leaving the product features to be experienced rather than explained.

The findings of neuroscience suggest there may be a reason for the continued popularity of Internet videos, and a good business case to incorporate video into your product launches. People are more likely to retain information received through video because the information is presented through audio and visual channels. Therefore, when companies need to express something about a product quickly and memorably, video is the best way to do it.

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What can product videos do for your store?

product video

Give Customers a Better Sense of the Product

The big barrier to shopping online is that customers can’t actually touch the product. Without being able to pick it up, turn it around, or try it on,  customers uncertainly choose your product. 

Product videos offer a way for customers to have a shopping experience. They still can’t actually touch your products, but they see someone use it, from all different angles. It is a better experienced than still photos can.

Position Products in Your Customers’ Lifestyles

Bringing your products into customer’s lives is one of the successful ways to boost sales. The video makes a simple product into something to buy into an actual part of the customer’s life. 

Instead of a pair of red leather boots, customers see the shoes they’ll wear at a friend's wedding. Instead of a price tag, they can see all the different ways they’ll wear the boot  — all the outfits they can make and all the things they can do in them.

Build Trust in Your Brand

Product videos can help to build trust in your brand. A high-quality, professional product video tells that your brand is trustworthy and legitimate. 

The product video also tells customers that you want to ensure customers get the most out of your products. Content video shows that you list to customer feedback.

Hold Customer Attention on Social Media

product video


Product video has become a lot more common on social media in a few years. From Tasty recipe videos to Instagram story ads, the video has opened the floodgates and expanded what social media advertising means for eCommerce brands.

With traditional text and photo on social media posts, you're limited in how long you can hold Customer attention. But product video changes that, it make customers spend more time on your product. Something that’s become increasingly difficult as social media platforms refocus on content from friends and family over brands.

Types of Product Videos That Work Well for Ecommerce

There are a few types of product videos that lend themselves to e-commerce selling more than others, including explainer videos, direct response, and user-generated videos. Let’s talk about each and the best ways to use them.

Product Explainer Videos

Product explainer videos have the purpose to explain a product’s features and the ways to use it. How to and tutorials are 2 popular types of product explainer videos.  This type of explainer video make customers understand how to use the product both conceptually (when they’re considering buying) and in practice once they do. That means product explainer videos serve the dual purpose of boosting conversions and supporting customers post-sale.

Direct Response Videos

Direct response videos have been a tool of the marketing trade for a long time now. The best illustration of this type of video is an infomercial. While the word “infomercial” probably conjures up a lot of cheese, we actually observe them for an explanation — they work. 

Direct response videos are designed to spur a response, like taking steps to learn more about a product or converting, and they’re really effective at doing just that. By following a well-established storytelling formula, direct reaction recordings utilize a demonstrated equation to show item benefits and persuade shoppers to make the following stride in your business pipe, whatever that might be

User-Generated Videos

User-generated videos are different from the other main types of the product video. The most popular user-generated videos are customer testimonials, tutorials, and unboxing videos.

This type of video may give you less control over your product messaging, but its ability to lend credibility, trust, and social proof more than makes up for it. We know customers are much more likely to trust reviews and testimonials than anything your brand has to say. User-generated videos allow you to capitalize on that.

3 Steps to Get Started With Product Videos Today On Your Ecommerce Website

Just choose one type of video to test and see how it performs. Then you can grow your video marketing strategy from there. You can try Product Video Extension For Magento 2

You can get started with the video today with just 4 simple steps. They might be easier than you think.

  • Step 1: Install as a user guide.

  • Step 2: Video Management: In the admin panel, you click on PRODUCT VIDEO -> Manage Videos  -> click on Add New Video or select a Video to edit. You can add/edit/delete all Videos.  Remembering Save after each change.

  • Step 3: Configure extension: In the admin panel, you click on PRODUCT VIDEO -> Configuration and setting something here. Remembering Save Config after each change.

  • Step 4: Go to the front-end to view changes.

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