Most customers prefer watching videos rather than reading text. Customers are more interested in making a purchase when they view a detailed visual catalog of the product and how it works. This attracts trial customers. If your online store is text-oriented and doesn't provide product visual videos, the percentage of customers who abandon your site is very high.

If you're struggling to find a solution to this problem, the Magento Product Video Extension is a great choice for you. This extension allows you to upload instructional videos, reviews, testimonials, or marketing videos. It helps to expand the marketing reach of your business because product videos allow customers to better understand the product instead of using plain text.

A detailed study reports that an 80% increase in conversion rate can be achieved by adding videos to your online store. So, use the Magento Product Video Extension for your website now. In this article, I will show you how to expand the marketing reach for your business with the Magento Product Video Extension.

Your business can fail if you have a poor customer reach!

Store owners can display a great video with just 4 steps below:

Step 1: Configuration Extension

  • On Admin Panel, you go to System -> Configuration -> Product Video or on Product Video Pro to setting general, display, thumbnail, video local and fill YouTube API

Step 2: Add a video for products

  • In the admin panel, choose Catalog -> Manage Products -> Select your product ->Videos (Tab) and upload a video for a product from a local computer or from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch.
  • To upload videos from local, you click on "Browse" to select video files (mp4, Flv, and mpg) from the computer.
  • To upload video from a direct link, you fill "Video URL" and click on "Add Video"
  • To upload the video to Youtube, you select a video file (mp4, Flv, and mpg) from the computer and click on the button “upload video to YouTube”

Step 3: Edit in video formation in all video

  • You can on "Product Video Pro" -> "All Video" to view information about videos.

Step 4: Approve the video

  • You can approve videos that are uploaded from the front end in "Product Video Pro" -> Pending Videos -> select any videos in list “video pending " -> approve in Status.

Below is a detailed video tutorial on how to configure Magento Product Video Extensions:

On e-commerce websites, using videos to advertise and use the product not only helps customers understand the product but also builds customer confidence in those products and your website. In fact, this is a great feature for any Magento-based website that allows an administrator to add videos for products displayed on the product detail page. I recommend that you try the DEMO's products to have the best experience.

Why is the Magento Product Video Extension a must-have for your business?

  • With the Magento Product Video Extension, you can increase conversions, exhibit product marketing, increase rankings through videos, and increase engagement through reviews and testimonials.
  • Attach videos to specific products to get them into view. This helps you promote products that require attention from customers.
  • Instead of Description of Products, this extension brings multiple videos and images of products that make customers easy to understand. If you read over and over again product detail pages and do not understand, a video is the best solution, just feel free to click the Play button and enjoy it.
  • Admin can add new video easily in back-end or can choose one or more types of customers as general, wholesale, Vip members, Private sales members to upload video directly on front-end. It saves huge time and keeps your sites always updated. All products uploaded on the front-end will be approved by the admin before displaying it.

I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions about the product, please leave your comment below the article or contact us directly, we will help you.

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