Product Specification of Magento Product Video extension

Now online shopping increase every hour and if you do not have a great website, your competitors will get chances to get more deals. Besides you have a stunning website interface to catch customers' first sight, your product detail should be displayed in the best way to attract more customers.
Visitors come to your site is a wonderful thing and changing from visitors to customers is a not easy matter. Magento Product Video is one of important extensions that increase number of your customers because 80% of users remember the videos they watch and 64% total of customers more likely to buy a product after watching a video.
Therefore, we realized that Magento product video is a dispensable extension that you should put on your website.


As an e-commerce website, using videos for advertising company or showing products' features is not only professional but also helps customers understand clearly about products and increase purchase decision. Below are Magento Product Video benefits that you cannot pass it:

  • Instead of Description of Products, this extension brings multiple videos and images of product that make customers easy to understand. if you read over and over again product detail pages and do not understand, a video is the best solution, just feel free to click Play button and enjoy it.
  • One of the most important benefits of using this product is convenience and expanding reach of customers as supports different source of videos like Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, Twitch and local video files (mp4, mpg, flv). So do not worry about kind of video to upload.
  • Admin can add new video easily in back-end or can choose one or more type of customers as general, wholesale, Vip members, Private sales member to upload video directly on front-end. It saves a huge time and keeps your sites always updated. All product uploaded on front-end will be approved by admin before displaying.
  • Uploading video to youtube through Youtube API in order to get more customers reach your product and your site as well. This is a new feature compare to old version. More than 100 million people watch online each day and many of them are watching on Youtube and others, this is a good chance for you to increase your sales volume.
  • Displaying product professionally and make your website various through 7 types of displaying image and video. This is outstanding feature


With Customers, it is easy to view a video they like if they do some simple steps below:

  • View a detail page of any product, there are many images and video relate about product displayed as a slideshow. Just click on image or video thumbnail to see what you need.
  • You can rate for each video by clicking on it. It also helpful for customers to trust your brand through high rate video.
  • And one more thing, you can also upload video from front end if you are allowed by admin; your video should relate about product problems or new feature that customers care most. Besides that, you can attach your comment to express your view to improve products quality. If you are sellers, you can upload video that is related to this product to increase sales volume.
  • Then go to checkout process if you love to buy product.


Admin can add videos for the products as they wish that bring the customers a full comprehensive of product. Our professional team will guide shop owner to do the best way to show a wonderful video with only 6 steps below:

Step 1: Installing extension
Step 2: Configuration Extension
On Admin Panel, you go to System -> Configuration -> Product Video or on Product Video Pro to setting general, display, thumbnail, video local and fill YouTube API
Step 3: Add a video for products
In admin panel, choose Catalog -> Manage Products -> Select your product ->Videos (Tab) and upload video for product from local computer or from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch.
To upload video from local, you click on "Browse" to select video file (mp4, flv, and mpg) from computer.
To upload video from direct link, you fill "Video URL" and click on "Add Video"
To upload video to Youtube, you select video file (mp4, flv, and mpg) from computer and click on button “upload video to YouTube”
Step 4: Edit in video formation in all video
You can on "Product Video Pro" -> "All Video" to view information about videos.
Step 5: Approve video
You can approve videos that are uploaded from front end in "Product Video Pro" -> Pending Videos -> select any videos in list “video pending " -> approve in Status.
Step 6: Clear cache and index again
System -> Cache Management and follow user guide to see changes instantly after installing our Magento theme

Below is full detail Features of Magento Product Video Extension


  • Add or upload multi-videos and images - You can add multi-videos and images to describe for products in your website. In addition to clarify product features, it brings great effect to increase your revenue.
  • Allow upload different video source - You can upload video from direct link (Youtube,Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch) and from computer( mp4, flv).
  • YouTube API usage - All product videos uploaded in your store are available on YouTube as well. It is a new and great function in this version to bring more sales volume because YouTube is one of the fastest growing social networks.
  • Upload Video from front-end - Shop owner allows type of customer to upload video on front-end and approve content before displaying.


  • Manage all videos in back end - All products video will be managed in menu named "All Videos" of "Product Video Pro" or it is also managed separately in specific product. In addition, Admin can remove video in backend they can also insert their product descriptions for each product video which will absolutely make their product SEO better.
  • Multi-display types (images and videos) - There are 7 types to display videos and images, therefore you can select types that are comfortable for your website and your style.
  • Rating video - The more videos are rated, the more trust your customers get
  • Options for thumbnail slide display - Video and image that you upload to your website are displayed in thumbnail slide
  • Customized thumbnail dimensions and images - Thumbnail dimension and images can be freely customized in admin panel.
  • Customize "play video icon" display - You can turn on or turn off play video icon if you want
  • Allowing configure video file size - You can configure file video size upload and thumbnail in back end easily
  • Playing video with pop-up window or media block - Videos in your website will played with pop-up window or media block
  • Admin Can Easily enable/disable Extension


  • Compatibility: This extension is compatibility with cross-browser such as: Firefox, chrome, IE, safari, opera
  • Zoom plugin - Image Zoom is compatible with some styles such as:  style 1, 2, 4, 6
  • Approve video upload in pending video: Shop owners can approve all videos that are uploaded from front end in menu "Pending Videos".
This is a Magento® Extensions item
Product rating: 5 star rating 5/5 based on 26 rating(s)

2018, May 04

Magento 1.7.x, Magento 1.8.x, Magento 1.9.2.x, Magento 1.9.x, Magento 2.0.x, Magento 2.1.3, Magento 2.1.4, Magento 2.1.5, Magento 2.1.6, Magento 2.1.7, Magento 2.1.8, Magento 2.1.x, Magento 2.2.0


$99.89 GPL License

You can use the product for your own website or your clients website if you are developer. You are allowed to use this extension on Unlimited website while our private support is base on domain.

  • Private support for each 12 months
  • Unlimited tickets support
  • Download & upgrade new version

Extend support: $37.95/ 12 months/ 1 domain

You can cancel renewal fee anytime if do not need while keep using the product for lifetime.

Get it now and save up to $61.94
$106.88 GPL License

You can use the product for your own website or your clients website if you are developer. You are allowed using this extension on Unlimited website while our private support is base on domain.

  • Private support for each 12 months
  • Unlimited tickets support
  • Download & upgrade new version

You can use the product for a lifetime without purchasing it again or pay for renewal payment. You should repurchase this product when your package expired but you still want to get our support or update to the latest version

Support Domain License Under a 1 support domain license for the item you are granted a non-exclusive non-transferable permission to use the item on a single site.

If you plan to use the product on other domains, you SHOULD buy now to SAVE much better than buying separated order.
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See our changelog below to update your site better

Compatible with: Magento 1.7.x, Magento 1.8.x, Magento 1.9.2.x, Magento 1.9.x, Magento 2.0.x, Magento 2.1.3, Magento 2.1.4, Magento 2.1.5, Magento 2.1.6, Magento 2.1.7, Magento 2.1.8, Magento 2.1.x, Magento 2.2.0

Version 2.2.1 Updated: 2018, May 04

+ Included Product Video Extension for Magento 1 and 2 in one package

Version 2.2.1 Updated: 2016, Sep 10

+ Added feature: Responsive

+ Fixed: Some styles

+ Fixed: Caroursel issue of style slide image and video

+ Fixed: Image links of style without popup

Version 2.1.1 Updated: 2016, Jan 08

+ Compatible with Magento CE 1.7x - 1.9x

+ Add functions: Allowing to upload video from orther direct link : Dailymotion, Twitch

+ Add functions: Allow to use Youtube API

+ Add functions: Uploading Video from front-end

+ Add functions: Zoom plugin with some styles such as: 1, 2, 4, 6

+ Add functions: All products video will be managed in menu named

Version 2.1.0 Updated: 2015, Sep 03

+ Compatible with Magento CE 1.6.x - 1.9.x

+ Add functions: Options for thumbnail slide display

+ Add functions: Customized thumbnail dimensions and images

+ Fixed: adjust

Version 2.0 Updated: 2015, Jul 01

+ Compatible with Magento CE 1.5.x - 1.9.x

+ Add functions: Customize

Version 1.0 Updated: 2014, Sep 08

+ Compatible with Magento CE 1.5.x - 1.9.x

+ Allowing video sources as Youtube and Vimeo with file mp4 and flv

+ Manage all videos in back-end

+ Cross-browsers compatibility

+ Playing video with pop-up window or media block

+ Admin Can Easily enable/disable Extension

+ 7 video display new style

+ Configure demenions video and thumbnail

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Luba G. Sanders 5 star rating


Luba G. Sanders

   Great product with brilliant support. Easy to install and use.   

Zak Jenkins 5 star rating


Zak Jenkins

   Your items helped us a lot on improving customer trust. Really happy to this ext!   

Stephanie Adler 5 star rating


Stephanie Adler

   Work properly. It improves shopping experience and Conversion rate on my website much better than what I have ever expect.   

Jamie Marino 5 star rating


Jamie Marino

   This is the best video extension I have ever applied for my website. I already tried some but there were still some point that made me confused. Until I tried yours, I found it totally suitable to my business. Good quality and great support service. Should try!   

Eyal Brikman 5 star rating


Eyal Brikman

   Great plugin in and above all, great developers and customer service. They helped me with all my issues and questions. Highly recommended.   

Ipirio 5 star rating



   Great support i had some problems with the template and they fixed it in 24 hours. i recommend this plugin. thank you   

Piperaris 5 star rating



   Thank you for the immediate response.   

jose mario santamaria 5 star rating


jose mario santamaria

   Great video product, Victor help me on how to solve some issues I had and now it is working great on my magento store.   

Andy McLeod 5 star rating


Andy McLeod

   I want to keep thumb nails below. So you will be adding arrows on both side of big image. Nothing else changes its just easy to browse images when you have arrows on big images too.   

John Romano 5 star rating


John Romano

   Thank you Victor.   

Yasmin Wood 5 star rating


Yasmin Wood

   I am so impressed with your product because of its professional looking, convenience and affordable price. Using videos helps my sale revenue increase shrply. Highly recommend and give you five star for both product and support team!   

Abbie Bennett 5 star rating


Abbie Bennett

   This extension is one of the best things i've used for my site. It makes store look professional, closer with customers. I will continue to use your product.   

Thierry 5 star rating



   We installed the module Product Video on our website.
We use a theme a bit complicated.
The CMSMART team made ​​a perfect integration into our theme.
The work is clean and fast.
The module is very comprehensive and will save us a lot of time.   

Mark Bodycott 5 star rating


Mark Bodycott

   I installed Product video myself on my website but it didn't work at first. Support helped me right away and set it up so I could customize it and get it working. I like all of the features it offers for customization. I really like this extension and how it works. Thanks again for the extension and fantastic support.   

Amelia Gordon 5 star rating


Amelia Gordon

   Our visitors prefer watching video to reading product description. That’s why we try to add a short video to every product page. Now it is very easy. Extension configuration doesn’t take too much time. Easy and very useful. Thank you.   

Christine Rogle 5 star rating


Christine Rogle

   I love the fact that we have a great way of showing the customers the potencial of our products or provide them with simple how to's on the products! Our customers are loving this new feature!   

Inez T. Hughes 5 star rating


Inez T. Hughes

   I had a good experience with this extension. Makes adding of video on product pages really straightforward and simple, works as promised...   

Marion C. McPherson 5 star rating


Marion C. McPherson

   Multi-display styles makes it appeal to buy. Usability and reliability are also very good. Highly recommended!   

Joey Bolduc 4 star rating


Joey Bolduc

   Thanks to team, who create good products. I satisfied this products. It help me do anything easily. Hope your company have a many products too!!!!!!   

Mark B. Keisler 5 star rating


Mark B. Keisler

   This extensions is really simple and straightforward, allowing videos to be shown on multiple product pages in a very quick and user-friendly in my site. Thanks to CMSmart.   

James T. Wells 5 star rating


James T. Wells

   i have a problems with uploading file on my site, but when i purchased Magento Product Video Extension of CMSmart, i can upload files easily. so, the traffic of my site is increasing every day. thanks to help me resolve that problems.   

Nora D. Nelson 5 star rating


Nora D. Nelson

   This is a useful extension, highlight features of the product, I like this template and have used it for my job. Thank CMSMART.   

Tommy Simpson 5 star rating


Tommy Simpson

   A great extension, can help customers better understand the products and remember more of what they impressed and now all was easy with Magento Extension Video Product. Thank the developers.   

hanh 5 star rating



   Hanh_test review   

Kai Ronald 5 star rating


Kai Ronald

   The extension gives me more ideas to implement and pull close distance with customers, my site look professional and increase traffic every day. Another useful technology products. I will recommend this product to my friends.   

Timothy Baldwin 5 star rating


Timothy Baldwin

   Support customized the video portion of extension so it would work with our current photo extension. Videos work great and are an amazing selling tool for our customers.   

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the best answers when you catch problems

Yes, your seller can easily upload the video in front end.
Magento Product Video Extension is well working on CE so don’t worry about that.
This extension works well on default, it is compatible with all themes on market place now, so you totally can rest assured
The renewal cost will be 65% of the product price.

So I think you should use our recurring service, with just $28.8 for each 6 months you will get many benefits below:

- Support domain license for each 6 months

- Unlimited tickets support

- Download & upgrade new version

Many customers use that standard version and almost all of them come back and use our recurring service because of its benefits.

Especially, you can get free upgrade whenever we release the new version

You can find demo admin link in landing page
It depends on the how many domain license support that you purchase.
You can configure the width and height of video in admin at the following link: System/config/productvideo/
Its ok, we will support you in 1 domain. If you want to install our product on the test page, we can do it for you.

After that, you can upload our code to your live site
Yes, You can upload as much as you want, it will shows with a slider on your product details page.
Customers can upload video from direct link( Youtube, Vimeo, dailymotion, twitch) or from local (mp4, flv)
Yes, you can set the maximum file size in the backend.

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