If you build a multivendor marketplace on your own, don’t forget to empower them with extensions and one of them we highly recommend is Magento 2 multi-vendor module. Anoop Curling is the CEO of Dubai-UAE. His website peppago.com has integrated this Magento 2 extension from Netbase team, this post is his sharing about the experience with it:

1. Why you choose our products/ solutions instead of other products/ solutions? If possible, please tell us the name of other solutions.

Anoop: It exactly matched my requirements and the price is reasonable, not as expensive as Webkul's one. I bought your Multi-Vendor Module for Magento 2

2. Which highlight feature do you like most about our products/ solutions?

Anoop: It is the seller page on the marketplace that makes me in the way of purchasing.

3. Do you feel easy when installing our product/ solutions?

Anoop: Yes, it is very simple for me. Just install like any soft-wares on your computer.

4. Tell us about your experience with our team and tell us the staff name that impressed you?

Anoop: I created a ticket for pre-sale questions then I got the support from Vincent Selina- he is very helpful and friendly.

5. Tell us your success story after using our products/ solutions?

Anoop: I have just started this project. I hope it will be successful.

6. Do you suggest any better ideal for our products/ solutions?

Anoop: No, it has all features I need for my website. Maybe I will make some suggestions in the future during my experience.

7. Do you like to recommend our products/ solutions to others?

Anoop: Yes, certainly. If my friends need to build a website like me, I will recommend them to refer your products.

Above is the story of Anoop about his business. He has a great website and increases the value of his project with our product. Do you want to be like him? Do you want to change your business plan? Please access Magento marketplace multivendor Demo and find answers for you! We hope that you had some useful information from this article. If you have any questions or interesting stories, please contact the CMSmart support team or leave your comments below. We will answer any questions about this product for you.

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