Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module

meta keywords search

This module can do the search based on the "meta keywords" or "meta description" of each product?the store is in this version:VirtueMart 3.2.1Joomla! 3.6.5thank you very much for your attention
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Presales Questions

1. Does this product search into virtuemart custom fields?2. Does this product support partial/substring matches?
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Pagination Support

I tried different versions of virtuemart and did search in them and found that there is a fundamental error in virtuemart component search core which result in pagination problem. Also I have tried some ajax search modules but all of them use built-in search functionality of virtuemart which will result in same problem. I want to know if your module has same behavior or not. I mean if your module has its own functionality for search or it uses the virtuemart built-in search?
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Product rating: 5 star rating
2019, Mar 08

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