Virtuemart Product Wishlist Extension

Multi varant product work

Hello, Try a multi variant product, but if select a custom variant on category view the view jump to product view but there is still no wish button on product view (if i saw it right, in 2017.06 had a same "problem" in demo). This extension work with child products (parent not buyable)? Thanks.
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Heart button in the product page

Hi, in your frontend demo of this component I don't see the hearth button to add the product into my wishlist.Is it possible to show it in this page? Or does it only appear in the category page in the product list?Thanks,Anna.
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Hi there,Can you tell if the 'wishlist-extension' is only visible when a customer is browsing in the category layout view of Virtualmart or do they also get the option to add to their wishlist once in a product's detail view?Ps: do you have any better examples than the standard Virtualmart demo page or any other screenshots so I could get a better idea of how it could look of my site.Thank you!Chris
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Quantity Counter

Hi, Virtuemart Product Wishlist Extension View all page quantity counter click to show undefined. In your extension demo.
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Version Compatibility

Does the product wishlist is cmpatible with the Virtuemart 2.6.6 and Joomla 2.5?
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Does the product wishlist is cmpatible with the latest version of Virtuemart 3.0.10 and Joomla 3.4.3?
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Product rating: 5 star rating
2019, Mar 14

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Anna Heart button in the product page
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vagelis Compatibility
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Sivanananchaperumal Version Compatibility
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vinay kumar Quantity Counter
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Fate HN Multi varant product work
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