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Nowadays, in the digital age, a lot of people send invitations via email or SMS because of its convenience. However, invitation and greeting cards still leave a lasting impression and put a smile on the recipient's face. Many people still choose this traditional method to send invitations to their friends, family members, customers, or business partners.

WIRDRUCKENKARTEN.de is a German business that provides printing services for birthday and wedding invitation cards. At WIRDRUCKENKARTEN.de you can have high-quality invitation cards printed quickly and cheaply with your self-designed motif. Simply choose the products and quantity, create the design online, and send the order. That is all done!

You can choose from a wide variety of formats, shapes which could help you give your invitation card special accents. Whether you are planning a wedding or a birthday - with a great invitation card in an individual design that matches the occasion, you will inspire your guests even before the special event. 

With an online design feature, you can have personal photos of your most beautiful moments printed on the cards. You have complete freedom with the choice of the text, the colors, and the overall design. 

How We Start A Partnership 

Like many other customers, they found us on the internet while looking for a solution for their printing website. They wanted an online designer tool for their consumers to personalize the invitations for birthday and wedding occasions. 

At first, they were interested in our NBdesigner plugin - WooCommerce Product Designer Plugin which allows consumers to design the product online. Admin could create pre-made templates, add custom fonts, add clipart for designing. Consumers can choose among the pre-made templates, edit text, upload images...It also allows the admin to invite people to join as designers and earn commission on each order that uses the designer’s workart. 

After purchasing our NBDesigner plugin, they found some issues that do not fit their business model and want us to customize the plugin to make it work better. 

  1. They want us to hide the design button and edit options button in the cart page. And the quantity box is displayed in the dropdown box. 

And here is how it was done. 

  1. They want to have a new field in the backend to input the product key. When the admin downloads the design in .PDF, the file name will include this product key and the product quantity they order. 

(add the product key input field in the backend)

(export file name includes product key and quantity)

In this way, when the admin looks at the file name, they could know which product per consumer order and how many products he or she orders without going to the order dashboard in the backend for checking and noting down. It helps to avoid mistakes when you have a lot of orders in one day. And it also helps to save time when double-checking the order after taking them to print. 

  1. When the admin downloads the design files in .PDF, each product slide will be saved in one separate .PDF file. For example, if your product has 5 pages when the admin downloads there will be 5 .PDF files. One .PDF file is for one page. This issue might confuse the admin because they have to look for all 5 pages to take them to print or have to download each order in one separate folder to avoid mistakes. So,  WIRDRUCKENKARTEN.de requires us to customize this feature, make all the slides saved in one .PDF file only (even if the dimension of each slide is different). Then, the admin could check the product key and quantity displayed on the file name and take that file to print immediately. No confusion, no mistakes.

Some words from CMSMART team 

Every special occasion begins with a fun party invitation to set the tone. Sending invites is the best way to communicate to guests what it is that you are celebrating. Now, with an online design tool, people could easily design the invitation in their style to tell others about their story in a more interesting way. Some websites allow you to choose premade designs and edit them as you want, upload your own images or decorate your invitations with funny, colorful clipart. 

The easier your tool is to make a custom invitation, the more your customers will be attracted by your website. In this busy life, no one wants to spend their precious time on something complicated and troublesome. 

Understand that, CMSMART always focuses on improving our software to make it convenient for both consumers and shop owners. We know time is money. Our mission is to provide our partners the right tools to help free them from management tasks so that they could spend more time making business plans. 

With over 9 years of experience in this field, we know exactly what you need for your business. Let us help you to start your Printing business. 

Contact our consultant - Mr. Vincent Ray via email address [email protected], WhatsApp +84 868 901 261 or Skype live:vincent_4281 today for more information.