Before buying any Magento theme, we should have a look at how to evaluate its performance, and whether it has all the features to meet your needs. And most importantly, check if the themes are compatible with your current version because Magento usually updates their platform. So what should you look for among hundreds of themes available on the market?

1. Suitable appearance

The most important aspect of a theme is the visual effect. An attractive theme can make a lasting impression on customers. A website with an elegant and spectacular theme always suggests its owner’s professionalism.

2. User-friendliness

When customers enter your site, they will need an intuitive navigating interface to help them find everything they need. For example, a back to top button, a search bar and some shopping icons organized traditionally. Most customers hate to spend time surfing rather than shopping.

3. SEO-friendliness

Magento provides an SEO friendly environment so you don’t have to worry about being noticed by Google or not. However, the rank of your site totally depends on how you code and build your links. So we recommend that you should choose a theme which already has SEO-friendly features. Doing this will help you boost your traffic and get higher profits.

4. Loading speed

The loading speed of an eCommerce website is a vital attribute deciding whether the store can attract customers or not. A study on Google has shown that 53% of users never come back to a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. So the point is you should choose a lightweight theme, otherwise, it will decrease the loading speed of the whole site.

5. Cross-browser compatibility

Customers may use different browsers like Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari… at different times and devices. Consequently, you should check whether your theme works perfectly across different browsers beforehand.

On the other hand, you can hit a wide audience faster with a theme that works seamlessly on all popular browsers. In the end, it leads to higher leads and profits. In certain respects, the compatibility of a theme with a browser is key to making your e-commerce store famous worldwide.

6. Responsiveness

Note that different devices such as phones, tablets, PCs display web pages differently.

Customers can use various devices for buying like tablets, smartphones or portable computers. So a theme must be optimized for every device buyers use. You should choose a theme that is capable of both mobile and tablet optimized for the best experience. Most of Magento provide this feature so it won’t be a pain in the neck.

7. Social media integration

Social media plays an important role in connecting people around the world. So choosing a theme with built-in social media features is necessary for store owners. You can readily share promotional offers, updates, latest information about new products via various channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… to help your customers stay connected.

Furthermore, you will also get direct feedback on new products or services in a short time and answer customer requests. It makes it easy for you to identify your brands and promote them, and you can advance your business.