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Quotation and info about customization

Hi, We whould a website like this : http://demo7.cmsmart.net/printmart_full/en/ with customization of Window Clings. We need, after purchasing, that customer can download a pdf with his customized layout. We need in Italian language. Please quote. Thanks in advance. Regards.
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Hello, 1. can I install everything based on the MS SQL? 2.Wash give an opportunity to test the admin part of PRINT SHOP PREMIUM?
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How Many Print Products

I need a site that allows users to upload designs and create their own designs with tools on the site that I will print on t-shirts, mugs, hats, bags, etc. In the future I want to print on business cards, brochures, booklets, etc. Does this site have those capabilities out of the box?
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Thank you for your purchasing our Printstore package and We hope you will update it frequently when we release our latest version. Please note some information below when you update our new version 1. Customer will need to do the update version package on their own: 2. If you customized our theme, you may lose what you have customized by updating the theme. You can proceed with it or pay the extra fee for us to help you keep your customization 3. We do not support with updating from...
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Installation & Configuration

  Hello, I would like to know if you offer the installation on my server? I would like the site to be ready to configure the categories and products. Here are the essentials I need: - French site for all the elements (buttons, confirmation page, online design ...) - my logo and favison - Quebec taxes - price matrix - file upload - possibility of adding pages
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Dimensions Unit

Hi, just wondering how to setup sqm rate for custom size base on mm size entry. 
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Online Designer Editor

good afternoon Please tell me, at the moment there is a problem on the site - the design is not edited from the shopping basket Could this be a problem of incompatibility of updates, or the reason that the license has expired?
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Hello CMS Team,  Mình cần hỗ trợ.  Mình nói tiếng việt cho dễ hiều nhé.  Công ty mình vừa mua plugin Online Product Designer Plugin for WooCommerce WordPress.  Và mình gặp vấn đề khi thử nghiệm customize với ốp lưng như sau:  Mình muốn thay đổi các loại kiểu vỏ ốp lưng hay kiểu áo thun và chức năng giống như demo không được.  Mình thấy trong phần chỉnh sửa chỉ như...
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