Store Manager for Magento application has been designed to streamline data management and efficienly accomplish top priority tasks.

Store Manager is a desktop solution, simple in installation and usage, that will help you save time and maintain store on the competitive level. Incomparable feature set, this application endows you with, is meant to help you improve store running strategies and boost business performance

Thus, having Store Manager at your disposal, you can benefit from comprehensive fucntional capabilities

  • Product and Category Management

Products and categories are arranged within one Store Manager window. Browse through the categories and immediately get merchandise this category holds. Create, modify or remove products and categories, copy/paste, clone Magento products, change category associations or drag-and-drop products to necessary categories. Build prominent product catalog with Store Manager application. All Magento product types are supported

  • Magento data upload

Store Manager provides multi-featured import wizards that allow to import products, categories, customers, attribute sets, custom options. Bypass manual data inputs - add or update data using Store Manager import functionality.

create magento configurable products

  • Export Possibilities

Export products, customers, categories, attribute sets, orders, abandoned carts to CSV file via intuitive export wizard.

  • Filters and Search Possibilities

To access Magento products and other entities and short out time spent on it, Store Manager provides flexible filters and search options. Filter products by column headings, use built-in filter options or create custom filters; resort to flexible product search. Use filters to sort customers and orders as well.

  • Create comprehensive site imagery

Store Manager for Magento flawlessly uploads local images or ones from URLs. Add images to products in the course of data upload, drag-and-drop pictures correctly from the browser or upload photos manually - this Magento extension offers vatious methods of image uploading.

Magento images


create magento configurable products Magento store diagnostics Magento order management


  • Use files of various formats(CSV, XML, ODS, TXT, XLS/XLSX) to import products to Magento
  • Product and Inventory Multi Editors for bulk product processing (update price, quantity, description, status and other details) at one go
  • Create orders with POS and process them in bulk
  • Resort to Store Diagnostics to reveal missing product images, images that are not linked to any product, products that are not assigned to any category, product without any image
  • Work offline, all changes will be applied when you connect (bridge connection)
  • Automated database backup
  • Manage different Magento installations and shops with one back-office
  • Powerful reporting - analyze store activity and increase business performance
  • Generate simple/configurable products in bulk
  • Import configurable products
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2017, Jun 19

Magento 1.6.x, Magento 1.7.x, Magento 1.8.x, Magento 1.9.2.x, Magento 1.9.x


$499.00 GPL License

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  • Private support for each 12 months
  • Unlimited tickets support
  • Download & upgrade new version

You can use the product for a lifetime without purchasing it again or pay for renewal payment. You should repurchase this product when your package expired but you want to get our support or update to the latest version

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Compatible with: Magento 1.6.x, Magento 1.7.x, Magento 1.8.x, Magento 1.9.2.x, Magento 1.9.x

Version Updated: 2017, Jun 19


  • Magento 2 product videos can now be added to Media Gallery via Store Manager.


  • The compatibility with Magento 2.1.7 CE has been implemented.
  • Now it is possible to select only one store view in product import wizard.
  • Category focus does not change after products are moved to another category via the drag-and-drop option.
  • The macros, allowing to insert the list of abandoned products, have been added to email template.


  • Previously incorrect URL was generated in the browser when clicking on "View Product Admin Panel" option in Store Manager. The inconvenience has been recovered and product edit form can be accessed successfully via this option.
  • The issue related to Magento 2 configurable product generation (for connections via Store Manager Connector) has been fixed. Associated product images are uploaded correctly now.
  • Incorrect product ID display in the grid has been fixed.
  • The issues related to HTTP Tunnel connection and connection via SSH have been fixed in this version of Store Manager for Magento.
  • The error returned previously, if “Clear relations:Related products” option was enabled in the import wizard. The inconvenience has been eliminated and import works flawlessly now.
  • Special characters did not display correctly in Email Templates since encoding charset was not specified for local database. Now UTF-8 is indicated for the database and special symbols display properly in predefined emails.
  • Some errors occurred during report generating in Store Manager. The inconveniences have been fixed in this version.

Version Updated: 2017, Apr 25


  1. SMTP support has been added. Now it is possible to perform the following actions from Store Manager for Magento:
    • send e-mails from customer grid, order grid, abandoned carts section, general/custom reports sections;
    • configure e-mail templates, outgoing e-mails;
    • set up e-mail notifications informing about scheduled tasks
    • accomplishment;
    • schedule abandoned cart, general/custom report emails.


  1. Store Manager is compatible with Magento CE v.2.1.6. The application can be used to handle stores, based on this version of shopping cart.
  2. Magento 2 configurable product generator has been improved.
  3. The options, responsible for image assign to associated simple products, have been added. When generating associated products, you can:
    • Apply unique images by attribute to each SKU
    • Apply single set of images to all SKUs
    • Apply parent images to all SKUs
    • Skip image uploading at this time
  4. There has been added the possibility to set price and quantity for simple products depending on configurable attributes used to generate variations. Price and stock can be set for each of simple product individually after pressing


  • URL rewrite did not work for the new products created via cloning option in Store Manager. If URL key of cloned product was substituted with the new URL key, still the old URL key displayed in browser. The issue has been resolved in this version of Store Manager.
  • Previously special symbols (e.g Ä, Ü) were exported incorrectly in the process of configurable products export via Store Manager. This inconvenience has been fixed in current version of the application.
  • Incorrect backend_module value was specified for attributes of multiselect input type on Magento versions 1.9.3.x if these attributes were created via Store Manager. The issue has been fixed and now appropriate backend_model is assigned to the attributes.
  • Attributes with incorrect entity types will be detected in the process of product import and skipped respectively. Store Manager will display the message notifying about improper entity type of this attribute.

Version Updated: 2017, Feb 24


  • Magento CE 2.1.3, 2.1.4 support has been added. Store Manager is compatible with these versions of Magento shopping cart.


  • The option for quick product filter creation has been added. You can select some products, click on this option and get filter created in one click.
  • Additional attributes can now be displayed in the grid in Store Manager Standard and PRO Editions.
  • The procedure of generating configurable products from custom options has been improved.


  • Magento custom options are copied correctly now.
  • Magento customers, having ' (apostrophe) symbol in their addresses, are now imported correctly via Store Manager.
  • The issue occurred in previous version of Store Manager in case new attributes of

Version Updated: 2016, Dec 27


  • Magento versions CE 2.1.x and EE 2.1.x support has been implemented. Store Manager for Magento is compatible with these versions of shopping cart and can be used to handle stores, based on them.


  • Short Description and Description fields have been added to product lower grid.

Version Updated: 2016, Oct 07


  • Automated Product Import error has been fixed.
  • Magento Enterprise 1.14.X.X incompatibility warning has been withdrawn from Store Manager.
  • Incorrect data recording into

Version Updated: 2016, Sep 19


  1. Now it is possible to preview associated simple products and modify their details (status, visibility, weigh, etc) before generation in ‘Create associated products’ window.
  2. Starting from this version of Store Manager (v. Automated Product Import addon is absolutely free. It is registered by default. Follow the link to get more details on this addon.
  3. Magento Automated Product Export (in Beta) feature is now available in Store Manager. You can set scheduled product export and get product data pulled to .csv automatically.


  1. New templates are now available in Magento PDF Catalog Creator addon.
  2. Post block size' та 'SSL version' options are now available in separate ‘Advanced Connection settings’ tab in Preferences.


  1. Swatch image removal did not work in FTP Swatch Browser. The issue has been fixed and now swatch image delete option works correctly.
  2. Swatch image labels are not multiplied for each product variation now. Label generation runs properly.

Version Updated: 2016, Aug 18


  • Name normalization for downloadable files, category images, and attribute images, containing special symbols has been added.
  • There has been included the ability to use hyphen symbol in database name.
  • Added the regeneration of image name in the process of product cloning.


  • Export of product variations to eBay has been implemented. Now configurable products with associated simple items can be exported from Magento to the world’s biggest marketplace.


  • Improper display of progress bar appearing after categories copying has been corrected.
  • Fixed incorrect work of images diagnostics used on direct connection or via Store Manager Connector.
  • Exporting products to eBay, the values for EAN and UPC are sent correctly now.

Version Updated: 2016, Jan 28


  • Magento order import feature has been added in Professional Editions.


  • Now Store Manager checks what Magento version you use and shows a notifying message if Store Manager is not compatible or is partially compatible with current Magento version.
  • “Reindex product data by Store Manager” and “Reindex product data by bridge” options are now available at Import Options step of Store Manager Import wizard. Now data reindex can be performed from Store Manager directly or reindex request can be sent to the server (if “Reindex product data by bridge” option is enabled).


  • Previously barcode labels were generated for all Magento products, notwithstanding what items were selected as target for label creating. The inconvenience has been fixed in this version and now barcode labels are generated for selected items.
  • Copying of categories (with products) between websites is now performed accurately via Store Manager application.
  • There occurred image regenerate issue, if image name started from capital letter. The problem has been fixed and image names are regenerated properly.
  • Some errors related to SSH using have been fixed in this Store Manager for Magento release.

Version Updated: 2015, Oct 09


  • Configurable swatches support has been implemented. Now you can set images to configurable product variants and make them change when certain options are selected at the storefront


  • SSL Version field has been added to FTP connection settings tab, FTPS/FTPES protocols
  • “Preview” option is now available in Image Gallery tab of the lower grid. There has been also added “Regenerate Image Name” option to the context menu
  • Now Magento users will get notifying message if they try to generate associated products for configurable one without specifying what configurable attributes simple items should be based on
  • Now the first image, exported from ICEcat, becomes Base, Small and Thumbnail for exported product
  • Now Magento products can be mapped with Amazon ones by UPC, EAN, icecatcode identifiers
  • Attribute set creation display on special progress bar has been added
  • Import of products with identical SKU has been improved. Now product SKU will be incremented and “_” will be added to it. For example, product with SKU ‘test’ already exists at Magento and you upload new product with SKU ‘test’. The system will automatically add ‘_1’ to it and you will get ‘test_1’ SKU after data upload
  • If selected in POS customer has no default billing and shipping addresses, there will appear the message notifying about it


  • Formerly there occurred the issue connected to category URL key re-index. It has been fixed in this version of Store Manager;
  • Previously, URL keys were duplicated for associated simple items (when generating simple products for configurable). Now unique URL keys are being generated for associated products;
  • Re-index request made from Store Manager is now processed properly;
  • Product SKU can now be modified in the process of Magento import;
  • Previously URL key default value was changed if import to one store view was performed. The issue has been fixed and now default URL key value is not modified;
  • For bridge connection users: customer group is being updated properly now;
  • Previously image was not displayed in Load Image window (Image Preview of the lower grid) after one refreshed it. Now image refresh functions properly;
  • Now customer import runs successfully if “Cache import data” option is enabled

Version Updated: 2015, Jul 16


  • Superattribute prices import (for 1 store view only) has been added to the application in Beta Mode. How you will be able to massively set mark-ups for configurable super-attributes and make price product change when combinations are selected from drop-downs
  • Now store owners can sort unassigned Magento attributes by name
  • All available options will now be displayed for Available Product Listing Sort By attribute
  • Image sort order can be changed now in image preview in the lower grid


  • Product import enhancements have been implemented. Now it works faster
  • If order had been made by customer and this customer was removed from database, Magento users will get the message notifying about it, can switch to Customers section (as the message offers) or cancel the operation and stay in Orders section
  • Now store view dropdown will automatically expand if Magento user clicks on report to generate it but does not select the store view first

Version Updated: 2015, Mar 30


  • New information window has been added to Store Manager (only to trial version). It notifies users about the state of trial version, provides purchase and registration details
  • Now Abandoned Carts section provides some user statistics, namely, orders made by a customer; orders which contain a product that is currently in Abandoned Cart. The possibility to switch to orders section has been added in this release
  • Now products can be moved between categories with the help of drag-and-drop technique
  • The possibility to create custom filters basing on Store Diagnostics results have been added to Store Manager for Magento. You can select diagnostics results and click on filter icon (on the context menu or on the toolbar). Filter with corresponding name (diagnostics type) will be created and you will be automatically transferred to the product grid where bulk updates with Multi Editors can be performed


  • Abandoned Ration column, displaying product popularity (%), has been added to Product in Carts section
  • Possibility to check whether some changes have been made to database.

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