WooCommerce Affiliates Program

Easily create your full-featured affiliate program on your WordPress website

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  • Jun 10, 2021

Who Is Affiliate Program For?

Affiliate Program is a popular tactic to drive sales and generate significant online revenue, extremely beneficial to both Merchants and Affiliate Marketers.

 Individuals, Companies,..

Individuals, Companies,..

Who want to create a new source of revenue

Content Creators

Content Creators

Freelancer, Bloggers, Review Sites,...



Merchant with small business traffic

How Affiliate program works ?

Affiliate Program is a relationship in which a Merchant pays Affiliate Websites a commission to send them traffic for links from your site to his site. Usually, the affiliate is paid only when an actual sale is made by the Merchant as a result of the Affiliate Website's link.

WooCommerce Affiliates Program Workflow

Key features of WooCommerce Affiliates Program

It helps to grow your business Rank higher that means to boost traffic, and earn more money

Affiliate Program Benefits

Why should you choose affiliate program? An affiliate program is by far one of the best advertising tools available, because it provides incentives for both the affiliate and the merchant.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

An affiliate program also helps to boost your brand awareness simply by reaching a larger audience and increasing your traffic and exposure. Even if they don’t buy anything, they might sign up for the newsletter. That means you could potentially get a sale by marketing to those visitors in the future.

Customer Data

Using an affiliate program provides you with valuable data and insight into how, where, and why your customers are buying, which you can then use to make smarter marketing decisions in the future across other channels.

Customer Data

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