Ecommerce has been exposed during the past decade. It is a big transformation that comes with new expectations from customers and forces online stores to work harder. So What would be the effect on customer satisfaction? You need to understand the factors affecting customer satisfaction these days. Let’s see

What is customer satisfaction?

customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the measurement of how satisfied a customer is when engaging with your business, whether buying a product or a service. Every customer has their journey and the outcome ranges amongst very happy, happy, it’s ok, or not happy.

Where do you find yourself on this ladder? It’s a matter of defining the factors influencing customer satisfaction.

10 factors affecting customer satisfaction

#1 Page load speed

Speed is an important factor. It is even more important than features because people are short on patience these days. It’s the first and foremost thing to lure a customer to your site. For example, a customer sees your product on Google shopping. They like it because good images and reasonable prices so he/she decides to click on it. But the site is loading and loading and he/she keeps waiting. The wait is so long and the customer will just walk out.  You don't know if they would ever come back. Thus, although your products are beautiful, if your website runs slow, the customer will go out 

#2 Product display

Product display affects customer satisfaction in retail and eCommerce. It is a chance to show the best of your product. Apply product labels to advertise your best items, sale…  Besides, if you put relevant products together and offer them an upsell price, you can sell even more! Magento Product Labels Extension is good for you to work for eCommerce. You can see a demo to know more.

#3 Personalized experience

Building a customer journey with a personalized experience is how to get to engage with your customers. It is a big factor to influence consumer satisfaction that many stores are switching their eyes on.  Comes with pop-ups like “ Hi Andy, we are happy…” is more likely to touch people’s hearts. Make sure you create an intimate journey for your customers, they will remember you and come back.

#4 Price

customer satisfaction

Price is a factor among business owners. Setting a price is difficult. It depends on your branding, market price, and quality. . It’s central to drive customers in the first place. Although big name like Apple doesn’t need to care about defining a price, They have built a reputation for the sophisticated, elegant, and light-weight design, buyers wouldn’t mind spending more for it

#5 Real-time response

You should have a quick real-time response. When your customers have to wait for you, they have so many choices and prices to choose from and sometimes, they should be in a hurry to make a purchase. If your next-door stores sell something similar to you and fast in replying, You are losing your chance. Set up your service, offer 24/7 response,

#6 Delivery

Ecommerce shoppers care about delivery. Apart from fastening your delivery time, you also need to ensure the product/materials inside intact when they reach your customers. Shipping affects the buying decision and also a crucial point to achieve customer satisfaction

#7 Receptive to feedback

Listening to your customer not only improves your store but also provides a chance to expand your business scope. Today, customers are certain. Instead of promotional campaigns, businesses are trying to understand the problem and offer the solution. That’s why feedbacks can work both ways in delivering customer satisfaction while building the next route for your business.

#8 Good reviews

This is one of the factors affecting consumer satisfaction. People want proof. Having a real customer recommend it is so much more trustworthy.  People decide to make a purchase after reading reviews, It is totally a valuable marketing tactic. So if you ask what the factors affecting customer satisfaction in marketing are, here is one to answer your question.

#9 Rewarding programs

Rewarding customers is to attract your customer more loyalty. Building a customer loyalty program is very important. You can see more Reward Point System: Why Should Your Business Have It?. So don’t miss out on building one for yourself. 

#10 Constantly value-adding to customer’s needs

Life quality is getting better nowadays. People have more demands and they are being provided with lots of choices and new features. Thus, don’t stay still. Learn about your customer’s experience. That’s proven to be one of the factors affecting customer satisfaction these days.

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10 Key Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction in Ecommerce to watch out for. It is a hard journey to do but it will pay off with fruitful results. . This difference can earn you more customers for free and build your reputation for good!