How many ways you can find a perfect house? Many years ago, you found a house by looking at the listing in the newspaper, looking for Sale Board in the street or going to the office of the local real estate agent. And nowadays, everything has changed as the way life always changes. Now, you can buy a house just going to the internet.

According to NAR, it showed that 50 percent of buyers found their new property online in 2019. Just only 28 percent of buyers using a real estate agent to find their new house. The property listing website has significantly changed the way we buy houses.

realtor must haves,

The real estate industry is just not about. It also includes rental property and the sale and letting of commercial properties too. They can be different, but being covered by the same industry.

There are thousands of property listing websites online. You can see many houses being offered for sale on eBay. There are even many real estate agents who don’t have a real office. No matter you are a real estate investor website or a realtor, if you are want to build the best website to search for homes, I will help you decide feature for real estate sites that every realtor must haves integrate it into their real estate website. Because creating a real estate website is becoming easier than ever and you will see there are many real estate directories that you will have to compete with. So, to stand out from the crowd and to be on the list of top 10 real estate website, you must create a website that is feature-rich and easy to use. Also, Let’s check out.

realtor must haves, 10 Must-Have Features For Your Real Estate Site

1. Easy to search - feature for real estate sites

To bring the most pleasant experience to customers, the realtor must haves an easy to search for information feature for real estate sites. Customers can find the information they are looking for easily and quickly from the listing real estate on your website. Your website should have advanced search and filter options that let customers reach every property easy as a piece of cake. In a competitive market like the real estate market, if your website is not search-friendly, your customers will turn to your competitor's site, which gives them what they want.

2. Realtor must haves responsive feature for real estate sites

realtor must haves, Realtor must haves responsive feature for website design

According to Statista, in 2019,  there are currently 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide. Considering the total number of phone users globally is 4.8 billion, which means that almost 73% of them are smartphone users.

realtor must haves, Realtor must haves responsive feature for website design

In 2015, less than a third (31.16 percent) of global web traffic comes from mobile devices. Fast-forward less than 5 years to the last quarter of the decade and that number has skyrocketed to 52.6%, marking a 68.8% jump.

Because since more number of customers use their smartphones to browse the internet, a mobile responsive is one of the most necessary property features for real estate website that will help reach out to customers on the go.

3. Image gallery

One of the reasons customers turn to buy real estate online is because the websites provide the most visual and vivid images of the home they are planning to buy or rent. No one likes drab textual content, the attractive pictures accurately reflect the properties listed. Therefore, an image galleryis a must have feature for real estate sites.

In addition, when experiencing the image on the real estate website, customers can imagine what it would be like if they lived in that house, giving them the feeling of where they belong. For that reason, customers will flock to websites with lots of attractive images, but make sure that it won't hinder the page loading speed.

4. Video

As I said before, images are an essential feature that helps show properties in a real way. However, have you heard the saying "Seeing is believing"? Customers not only want visual real estate images but also want to have a virtual tour before making a decision to visit. Hence, video is the best way to grab the attention of your customers. This is the reason why realtor must haves this feature for real estate sites.

In addition, the video also helps merchants list their properties on their website more fully, helping to attract leads and increase conversion rates.

5. A great real estate website design

To help build a bond between you and your customers and prolong their stay, every realtor must haves a great real estate website design. A great design should show eye-catching CTAs, buttons, links and menus.

6. Realtor must haves Google Map feature for real estate sitesRealtor must haves, Realtor must haves Google Map for real estate website

Wanting to have the best real estate search websites? Realtor must-haves the Google Map feature. It helps ensure that customers will easily find the exact location of properties on a map, thus increasing the friendliness when the customer is searching for information or addresses, increasing the attractiveness of the website and improve website visibility on search engine result pages.

7. Front end listing - must have feature for real estate sites

Front end listing is a must have feature for real estate sites.Take advantage of your own website to generate revenue by allowing users who want to sell, rent or lease their properties to list their properties on your website. This feature will both help you collect money from users while increasing traffic and will obviously help you increase search rankings on Google.

8. Contact the listing owner

When visitors come to your website, they become property hunters. So when they find any properties they are interested in, there should be a way to contact the owner directly. Therefore, for maximum convenience we recommend the contact form on the listing page

This form can be placed in the sidebar area or near the footer. I have listed the contact form as a must have feature for real estate sites because when customers have viewed all information of a property, they can fill out the contact form to enter a message and send a message to the owner property.

You can refer to the contact form pop-up plugin here:

9. Social media sharing

A realtor must haves social media sharing feature for real estate sites. You can link your website to popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. These links make it possible for customers to share asset listings as well as information related to their social media profiles. This also helps to increase your website popularity and increase search rankings.

10. Blog 

Posting interesting blogs on the trending real estate situation can help customers have a better overview of the current real estate market, stay up to date with breaking news from the domestic market, current trends, colors, hot places, ... So, blog is also a feature for real estate sites that you should have

Besides all of these features above, if you want to get the best out of your real estate website, a realtor must haves the best real estate website templates and of course this best real estate management plugin - WordPress Real Estate Management. The powerful plugin comes with an easy to use property management system allowing you to easily add listings to your website.

You can check out the overview of How To Make A Real Estate Website With WordPress



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