There are many reasons why real estate agents should have an awesome real estate agent website. There is a very simple fact that, nowadays, when people search for an ideal home, most of them first search the internet.

For that reason, not having a good website for real estate service providers means you are losing a large number of potential customers to your competitors. As a real estate agent, the website is the primary tool you can use to reach new potential customers and spread the word about your business. In fact, 44% of home buyers view listing online as the first step in their home buying process.

If you are a real estate agent, agent or website administrator looking for how to build a real estate website with strong online presence and get the best results, let's explore the article below.

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Benefits of creating a real estate agent website

Let me try to persuade you that how essential a website is.

  • Get more clients: 50% of home buyers purchased their homes online according to a survey was conducted by NAR.
  • Higher business value: alongside displaying property listings, your platform can educate and deliver additional value
  • More powerful personal branding: The real estate agent website is the perfect place for potential clients to learn more about you as an expert. The real estate agent website is your face: introduce yourself to the crowd and show off your expertise. Release photos showing the awards you have won, the events you participate in, the community participation, as well as your personal background and qualifications. When people know you this way (individually), they'll like you and trust you.
  • 24/7 availability: customers can search for real estate information on your website anytime, anywhere. They can leave any message without any difficulty.
  • Digital marketing opportunity: Try different marketing method to grab more leads.
  • Better vibes and sales: cutting-edge technologies allow buyers to see the property without leaving their homes. Create the most vivid and realistic property photos to attract customer’s attention.


8 Key Features For Building A Real Estate Agent Website

1. Property listings

Without this feature, your website will not be different from other websites.

To allow customers to check out the offers available when they visit your website, you can embed a listing in your homepage layout like in the example below.


Let's describe property details such as property features, facilities, amenities, construction information, related information such as indoor smenities, outdoor amenities, neighborhood, etc


2. Visuals

First impressions are always important. Take eye-catching photos and encourage potential customers to purchase. Arouse in the mind of customers the need to own a property right now. That’s why, you need to have professional photos, the most attractive, high-resolution videos of properties for sale and rent on your real estate agent website

3. Reliable and up-to-date information

It is very important to have reliable, verified, and up-to-date information on your real estate agent website. Also, it's important to put them in the right place. Make them accessible and transparent easily. Let your clients know everything they need to know about such as properties, places, amenities, etc.

4. Contact forms

If you run a real estate business, it's important that your customers get in touch with you easily. Whether they want to buy, sign up, or ask a question, a simple contact method is the first step in gaining a new business.

Don't let them wander around looking for forms or contact information. You can attach the contact form right next to the property information page. When customers are interested in real estate, you can easily contact you directly through the contact form as shown below. In addition, it gives you more opportunities to gather information about potential customers.


Also, it would be nice to give them the opportunity to join your mailing list, so that you can send them important announcements, news, and more.

5. Advance search

By applying filters, you give customers the ability to find the real estate near their location. Your customers can change the filter settings or change the supported region by using the distance range slider.

5 filter options:

  • Filter by neighborhood
  • Filter by category
  • Filter price
  • Filter by services
  • Filter by amenities

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6. Blog

Does every property shopping site need a blog? The answer is no.

Before you rush to design a blog site, think carefully is it really necessary?

If you determine that your potential audience is waiting for you to start sharing useful content, then you need a blog section.

Or you can get the attention of your audience through content marketing, then you should have a blog.

Remember that online readers really like it when they can discuss something, so add a comment below each post.

We believe that complex menus don’t work for agents’ online presences.

7. Simple Menu

All you need is to add several elements: Home, Agent Detail,

Agents list, Real estate detail, Real estate locator List, Real estates list, About us, Blog, Contact – you’re done!


Certainly, you can customize the menu according to your needs but bear in mind that you should always keep it up to date

8. AR/VR

Last but not least, if you choose AR / VR elements as one of the ones grabbing the attention of your customers when upgrading your real estate agent website, we're sure you get it. your own success.

As a cutting-edge trend of the 21st century, virtual reality has interfered with almost every area of online business.

If electronics stores are making huge money out of virtual locker rooms, why can't you?

Just imagine customers can wander around the real estate, admire the amenities facilities.

So, how do you integrate AR / VR into your website?

You can try 3D models of houses and apartments, 360-degree videos, etc


There are 2 ways you can improve the efficiency of your real estate agent website - do it yourself or seek out web developers. If you don't have a lot of programming knowledge, don't worry, we are here to help.

First of all, you need a good and reliable CMS and the WordPress platform is the best choice. It has many features, is highly secure and secure, SEO friendly and very easy to manage.

You can refer to article 5 Best WordPress Plugins For Real Estate Agent Websites

Second, you need to have a good plugin with the most relevant and essential features. Currently, there are a lot of WordPress real estate plugins on the market and our WP Real Estate - WordPress Real Estate Plugin is one of the best selling plugins today. Get clean, safe code and many of the most essential and powerful features suitable for all current Real estate themes. You can also expand features or develop new ones if needed.

Check out the DEMO here for a better experience.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are willing to help.

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