It is calculated that over 10% of the world’s entire GDP is from travel and tourism industry. With that in mind, if you have a travel or tourism related website, there’s a lot at stake to ensure that your site looks great and offers a top-notch user experience for potential tourists and travelers who might be visiting your location in the near future. In this article, I will focus on why you should choose WordPress Travel theme from Cmsmart for your traveling website

1. Build on WordPress platform

This is the most important reason I want to emphasize why you should choose WordPress Travel theme is that WordPress seems to be the crucial factor ensuring your success. According to the recent Statistic, WordPress powers 26.7% of all CMS websites and 91.3% of all blogs; a total of around 74.6 million sites. WordPress enjoys a 59.4% CMS market share. Of the top 10,000 sites, 38% are powered by WordPress. This data might be the clearest evident on why you should choose WordPress. Moreover, WordPress has so crowded community, people continuously contribute by writing and sharing code, designing themes or updating plugins. It means that you can get a get free support from other WordPress members

2. Integrate Jomres plugin

Jomres is a commission-free, responsive, Open Source online booking system used by thousands of businesses worldwide to manage their properties and reservations. Jomres is not a Cloud solution that could disappear at any time, and your business’s intimate details aren’t shared with anybody else. Jomres is not a Cloud solution that could disappear at any time, and your business’s intimate details aren’t shared with anybody else. When Jomres plugin is integrated into this WordPress Travel theme, you can create an unlimited number of booking websites, accessible to customers on any device, in any language.

3. Search engine friendly

It is obvious that WordPress is a very search engine and SEO friendly. This WordPress Travel theme is written by using standard compliance high-quality codes that comply with the rules of major search engines. With an online business, especial working in traveling aspect, get high ranking on Google is actually important if you want to approach more customers and boost your sale volume. WordPress Travel theme is always the ideal choice.

4. Easy to customize and manage content

Not all business owners are master of programming so I have heard a lot of people complain that they worry whether they could customize the content or they have to hire other developers. I can affirm that with WordPress travel theme from Cmsmart, you can customize and manage even when you are not tech savvy. You can log in from anywhere that has an Internet-connected computer, to add content and manage your site. With as little as one-hour training, you could be easily be managing your own site.

The last words,

Tourism aspect is a large-scale business, when it is combined with WordPress, in detail is WordPress Travel theme, it would become a fertile plant for development of the business. So don’t hesitate to apply it to your website!