Are you looking to promote your event or start offering regular events on your website?

The WordPress event plugin is the tool you need if you are starting an event business.

With many free and premium event calendar plugins to choose from, there is a wide range of tools for projects of all sizes. If you just want to share the dates and details of upcoming events on your website in calendar format, the free plugins should suffice.

However, if you want to give visitors the ability to sign up for your event, buy tickets, and integrate your website calendar with a service like Google Calendar and online payments then buy Premium plugins are a better option.

And below are the Top 5 Best WordPress Event Calendar Plugins For 2021. Let's check out this post below.

Top 5 Best WordPress Event Calendar Plugins For 2021

1. WPEvent – Woocommerce Event Tickets and Calendars Plugin

WPEvent - Woocommerce Event Tickets plugin is one of the most feature-rich WordPress event tickets for WordPress users. Not only does the design of the calendar and its event look cool but also the backend and the interface makes it easy to use.

Besides, while the default design of the WPEvent calendar looks impressive, you can easily customize its look through plugin settings. No coding experience skills required to set up this Woocommerce Event Tickets plugin. Fully customizable, you easily change colors, labels, time slot layout without knowing HTML and CSS.

And, each event you add to your calendar has its own Google Maps integration. You can also add featured images of the event to help your calendar entries not only look more appealing but also provide additional information to your audience. Since the modern Events Calendar plugin includes Google Calendar integration, you can simply connect two services to share events on both platforms, saving you time managing your schedule. Moreover, this plugin comes with different types of integrated payments, ensure that your registrations are paid in advance or receive a deposit, making it a very useful tool.

You can check out the DEMO here to explore its features for better events.

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2. Stachethemes Event Calendar

If you need to display multiple calendars on a single WordPress website, then this plugin is created for you. After activating this tool, you will have the option to create one or more calendars for your website. When creating a calendar, you can set the time zone and the calendar's visibility. All of this makes this plugin is suitable for websites with international visitors as well as anyone who wants a private calendar that only them or their team can access.

This WordPress event ticket plugin has a completely modern design. This way, your calendar will blend seamlessly with the rest of your WordPress site. However, you are not limited to predefined styles. You can also adjust the default look of the Modern Events Calendar to suit your needs through the plugin settings. All designs are mobile responsive so that visitors can view your schedule and make reservations from their smartphone devices with ease without any difficulty. With all this in mind, Stachethemes Event Calendar is one of the Best WordPress Event Calendar plugins for 2021.

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3. Event Schedule

Event Schedule is one of the Best WordPress Event Calendar Plugins for WordPress in 2021. The premium Events Calendar WordPress plugin comes equipped with a variety of design options to help ensure your online calendar has the right look and feel for your website. As well as pre-made designs, you can also adjust the colors through plugin settings or take advantage of Visual Composer's support and redesign the calendar layout yourself.

Thanks to its various layouts and feature list, it makes Event Schedule a plugin that can be used for a wide variety of projects. From adding a calendar to your website to publishing an itinerary, promoting ticketed events, and accepting bookings for classes and other events.

The individual event pages are also presented in a unique and exciting way, helping your events display important information in a responsive design on almost all devices such as tablets, desktops, and smartphones.

4. The Events Calendar

The events calendar is one of the best WordPress event calendar plugins for WordPress in 2021. The events calendar uses the calendar view to introduce events. It defaults to the monthly view but can also be customized to display daily and weekly, depending on user needs.

One of the strengths of this plugin is its customizability. This plugin is quite simple but provides the foundation from which you can build more detailed and branded event views as long as you know a little bit of code.

Even if the features of this plugin may be a little thin compared to others but the ability to customize can be a huge benefit.

With all this in mind, The Event calendar could be ideal for any size of business. 

5. My Calendar

My Calendar is considered as a simple and one of the Best WordPress Event Calendar plugins that make short work of showcasing and managing events. This is a free plugin that comes with a premium version that added functionality.

My Calendar is easy to use, stable, and works well. However, it’s limited to mainly calendar functions. Therefore, if you just want a simple and easy to customize plugin, this plugin is still working for you. But if you want more advanced features, My Calendar can still not fit for you. And you have to look elsewhere.


Now you know what WordPress events plugins to consider and what to look for. And if you are not sure which one to go with, starting off with the WPEventWoocommerce Event Tickets plugin is a great choice for you and it’s the most powerful plugins on this list because of its functional features. You can check out the DEMO here to experience it for better events.

But if you just want a simple event plugin, you might want to go with either My Calendar, The Event Calendar.

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Remember you can also find other WordPress themes and plugins, which might be a good choice depending on your site by accessing CMSmart.

If you have any questions about How to install a plugin, How to setup and customize it, feel free to contact our support team. We are willing to answer all of your questions.

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