1. General

Go to backend -> Appearance -> Customize -> General:

  • Easily to change shape, size, color, background of back to top button:

  • Change social share:

2. Multi layout for site

You have many options to show your site:

Go to backend -> Appearance -> Customize -> Layout:

  • Edit site layout in General:

  • Edit title in Page Title:

  • Edit button in Button Styles:

3. Multiple Headers

Our theme comes many header types that you can customize your website exactly the way you want.

Go to backend -> Appearance -> Customize -> Header -> Presets and choose Header Style

4. Courses - Learndash

You have many options to show your courses

Go to backend -> Appearance -> Customize -> Courses – Learndash:

  • Edit Sidebar, item in List Courses:

  • Edit Courses Detail in Courses Detail:

  • Edit Lesson/Topics in Lesson/Topics Page:

5. Various Google Fonts

Over 800 google font which you can use and upload. Being stored on Google’s servers, displaying them will be fast & reliable.

Go to backend -> Appearance -> Customize -> Typography -> edit Body Font, Headings Font:

6. Unlimited custom color variations

Select and set dozens of color for your elements which are using our Custom Color Picker

Go to backend -> Appearance -> Customize -> Color:

  • Edit Primary Color, Background, Body Content in General:

  • Edit Title Color in Page Title:

  • Edit Button Color in Element Button:

  • Edit Footer Color in Footer – Copyright:

7. Dozens of Blog category layouts

Amazing features that will make your blog or magazine stand out among others.

You can design your own awesome blog page with many styles and layouts that attracting readers.

Go to backend -> Appearance -> Customize -> Blog:

  • Edit layout in Blog List:

  • Edit title, content post in Single Post:

  • Edit more in Meta Tags: