Delivery process strategies can increase sales online. 80% of customers say they will never come back after a poor delivery process, your company’s on-time delivery must be good. On-time delivery leads to customer satisfaction, enhances your efficiency, and draws new customers. 

Why On-time Delivery Is So Important?

Delivery Process

No matter what industry of your business, delivering packing on-time is essential. Here are some of the importance of on-time delivery that we would like to stress to you:

  • When your delivery process is on-time, you are being punctual and professional. It builds trust in your customers

  • Customers will be upset with you and you could potentially lose your customers. 

  • There are some packages that need to be on-time. For example, a document needs to be signed and delivered within 24 hours

  • On-time delivery makes satisfaction. Not only will receiving their goods on time please them but courteous courier services will make for a pleasant delivery process.

  • Some goods have an expiration date, that is why they need to be delivered within strict timeframes. Their goods are medical, food items. pharmaceuticals,temperature-sensitive products, and more.

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Here are some tips to improve your on-time performance:

1. Set Priorities

An easy way to improve the delivery process is to set order priority. By doing this, you can identify what customers must be served based on an order’s importance or make delivery schedules. By defining the order’s priority, you are letting the algorithm know what must be included in the route optimization. Or, on the flip side let orders get pushed to another date if you run into resource constraints.

2. Simplify your internal processes

You can see some companies using several programs or systems for one internal process. This makes a simple task into a complicated and slow process. This makes your delivery process delay. If your delivery process is long and painful, consider simplifying it and building up to something that is simple, quick, and efficient.

3. Build a network of local warehouses

Delivery Process

First thing, delivery time will be longer if your warehouses are stationed too far away from the action. You can start optimizing the delivery routes and shipping time by choosing the warehouse near your store. While you could invest in a number of smaller, local warehouses that cater to a local customer pool. You can use the information to plan the location of the warehouse. The goal should be to place warehouses around the map based on the demand and location of the majority of your customers and where your order is going. This way will cut delivery time and financial expenditure and meet customer satisfaction.

4. Leverage the input of the delivery agent 

Always ask the delivery route information with your drives and use their feedback to manage the delivery process efficiently. And you can use this information to improve your future route plans. Here are some ways to improve your future route plans by analyzing the feedback from your delivery agents. 

  • Avoid the locations with heavy traffic jams which causes a problem for the delivery agents.

  • Understand the details of the customers who tend to change their delivery schedule frequently and require more time

  • Get to know the start and end location to build in location to the plan and assign tasks efficiently

  • Assign delivery of products for particular areas to specific drivers if they are much aware of those locations and can deliver the orders quickly and easily.

5. Minimize Wasted Space and Time

If you need to minimize wasted space, you want a solution that gives you control and flexibility. Move delivery orders around with the drag-and-drop feature, swap routes between vehicles, or re-optimize delivery schedules easily. You can review the route and change to your drives. The route summary allows you to quickly visualize any violations and calculate the new cost for your routes.

6. Manage Your Stocks.

Imagine having a product on display online. A buyer buys this product by placing an order and paying for it. Your business has promised on-time delivery of the product. But when it’s time to get the shipment ready, you realize that you don’t have that product in stock any longer.

Ensure that your systems and back-office always reflect on the most recent and current status of your stocks. This will require your back-office staff and your systems to be in sync at all times.

7. Prepare for customs clearance in advance


Customer clearance is a frustrating sequence of the delivery process, but there is no way to avoid it. A good solution is to declare the goods online. Your parcel will then slip through customs and go straight to its destination. 

8. Keep Your Customers Informed

Time goes awfully slowly when you are waiting for something. Keep your customers aware of the status of the delivery will make time go much faster for them. You can make your customers feel much more satisfied because they know what’s happening. Here is the Delivery date

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There are always more ways to improve your delivery process, and when it comes to your business, you should constantly keep looking for ways to be better.. Let see our Demo to know about delivery process