People tend to research before deciding where to go or make a purchase decision. It is important to add location because it enables costumes to locate your physical stores. In many ways, store locators can affect your branding, costume loyalty and increase revenue. Here are some benefits to add a location to your website. 

What is store locator?

add location

A store locator is a function you use to add a location to your website, mobile app, or social networks. The locator provides important information such as store address, phone number, hours open services provided… You add location with a well-known online map service such as Google Maps.. allowing the user to see on a map where the particular location is found on a map. It helps costumes to find the location of a local store and guides them to your products. With online sales booming, finding new ways to attract costumes has become more important. You can see more Full set of dynamic benefits of Magento 2 store locator extension

It makes you more searchable

Customers often search your local store on google. It is true because it is one of the most common searches on Google. Besides, having some information such as name, phone number, or store address allows your costumes to easily contact you by their way. And, it enriches your content on the website. The key to searchability is having great content. And more searchability means more customers. Thus, you need to add location surely upscales your business searchability.

It saves time and money for both you and the customer

Products lists allow costumes to understand their price range of products. This is a time-saving method that customers employ when shopping. But, price, sale offers, and store bonuses are different from one store to another. You can add the location of your store to solve that problem. By having store locations with local pages or local numbers, your website saves time for both your customers and your business. In fact, it extended the amount of customer loyalty. 

Your store locators can help customers find out. the item they want is available in their local store—again, saving time for your customers. It’s much better than having no choice but to go there, only to find out the items aren't available.

It increases trust and overall branding

add location

To Add location makes everything convenient for your customers. By providing them with a digital presence and personal convenience, your customers get the answers they are looking for anywhere and anytime. It helps them can check local store inventory. And this builds trust and good branding for your shoppers and more loyal to you, inciting more trust in your business. 

It makes your website more important

Social media such as Google, Facebook, youtube, and all the other search engines make information more available. In addition, social media impose all types of customers- even if they'd understand technology. But when store owners add location, it makes websites more valuable. A website is the first to face but a store locator directly gives them what they want and need. Your website becomes the go-to place of information for customers before anything else.

It optimizes your physical store functions

Physical stores can accommodate only so many clients. With the chance of multiple questions and quick inventory updates, a store locator can assist physical stores to provide service better by starting online. Reservations for items can be made online prior to coming into stores. Item availability like color, size, and quantity can be made through store locators and if not, the availability of calling local numbers is right up on the same page. These two business diverts would work in concordance regularly depending on one another for business exchanges. Streamlining, to be sure.

It allows market research for your business

Like a marketing tool, customer data can be gathered from store locators. When your customers use this, the system can log customers' activity and analyze it. This information includes what they used if applicable like promo codes, zip codes, and track date and time. These data can be used to optimize the best time and place to launch your campaigns, and overall improve your customer service.

It centralizes your business

Having a store locator would require centralized data. This can be done by placing data on a spreadsheet and all your store locations can be managed easily using the store locator. Utilizing this feature supports your retail stores, especially if you have more than a few people who could manage. Data management can be secured easily from one location and can be managed from there on.

Keep Your Store Locator Feature Updated

Your store locator will promise when you add location up-to-date. If not, you are wasting a valuable asset that would boost your business. The online presence and offline stores are so essential. Store locators become a passive marketing tool that boosts your overall sales. Most successful stores have it. There is no reason why you don’t use it. 

Let see more How to set store locator


Installing a store locator can increase the presence of your business, build trust and loyalty, increase site traffic and help your customers understand your local store. To maximize impact, it is important to add location options on the market. You should try Store Locator Extension For Magento 2. First, take a view of the Demo of this Magento 2 Store Locator extension.



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