Printing industry has been endlessly enlarging in a global scale, especially in this trendy e-commerce. It is because of the booming development of the Internet as well as human’s usage of Mobile phone and other smart devices. With everyone, a click brings everything thus they save much time shopping, reading and searching via super Internet. As one of the best Printing solution providers, Cmsmart always gives you the best services and answers so that to conquer all kinds of customers.

Back to Magento 2, as you may know, its appearance and advantages brought to Web-store owners and shoppers. Based on this foundation, Order Upload extension for Magento 2 has been released, adding one more perfect solution into Printing industry. This idea is very difficult to see in any M2 stores and seen as an amazing weapon of CMSmart team.

Our conversation with Paul Rich riding one of the best brands of Printing industry on Magento 2 shows you some useful tips of How to Use the extension effectively.

Magento Dev: Hi Paul, Nice to meet you. Thank for that you are interesting in our Interview. We have searched for Order upload extension of M2 Web-to-print but it is not easy.

Paul: Same to you. I was also worried about that first, until I saw Order Upload extension for Magento of CMSmart and now, the version for Magento 2. So lucky!

Magento Dev: Congratulations! By the way, we know your Printing e-commerce contributes much to this industry of European. Can you share your experience?

Paul: Certainly, I have to say that it is thanks for the feature allowing customers to upload files to order. I’m ready for sharing you some of my interesting but useful experience.

Magento Dev: I’m so happy to hear that. Thanks much, please let us know how you utilize it so effectively.

Paul: Okie, at first, I will say about Admin Panel. Although I’m not a Magento developer but I totally do it myself with this module. I can follow the user-guide installation step by step and configure it for my site. More details:

  • I took some minutes to install the extension to my Printing site, configuring it as normal and clicking on Save changes after each step.


  • Set multi-files including jpg, doc, doc, pdf and more for customers


  • I configured the limit size for each file and I can do change when necessary

  • The file uploaded can be shown on the View cart page if you want. More carefully, I display upload files in the confirmed mail. I know that sometimes customers want to change their ideas before completing payment. Thus, it will be helpful for them to select their exact wanted images/files.

  • Order Upload will be used as a Magento custom field so it is easy to select which products are uploaded or not. Certainly, the files uploaded are managed in admin panel and we can down them from our back-end. If you are running multiple stores, this extension is used as you wish.

To be continued...