Becoming one of the most popular plugins for WordPress, WooCommerce is gradually leading the E-commerce platforms for simple structure, economic and effective tool to serve the whole customers. A lot of brands have released different extensions in hope perfecting this open-source. However, on running a WooCommerce site, your web-shop will not be completed if it is not added these 3 functionalities. They are Google Trusted Store, Ajax Drop Down Cart and Advance Brands that have a rend of leading the e-market for this new Year. These plug-ins become a solution for you to conquer more and more fans, leading the highest number of revenue.

More importantly, according to e-commerce trends for the recent years, Best-user experience is one of the main factor bringing success to your business. By adding functional features but simple to use on your site, you ensure to conquer more and more customers as well as fans. Each plugin is equipped with its function different from others but they are released to perfect your service. Best-user experience is an index which is used to measure your customer’s satisfaction. More customers love your site, more sale values they bring to you, as the result.

As you may know, letting your customers understand Where your products come from or their manufactured factories must persuade them more. This way builds up the trust foundation for customers, ensuring that your products are their exact answer. It is because there are more and more providers for a product. If buyers do not have belief in your store, they will never come back and do shopping there. WooCommerce Google trusted store plugin has outstanding features:

  • Display your Google Certificated Shop Badge on your website

  • Integrate Google trusted store script on web pages and order success page with dynamic fields

  • In order to control position of badge or dynamic variable on front-end, you can make changes in Backend

  • Supports various countries like USA, Japan, France, UK, Australia…

  • Boosting shoppers’ confidence when they purchase on the website is exactly Google trusted store program bring to you. This is also seen as an ideal way for merchants to attract more shoppers to purchase safely on your web-store.

    The second plug in must be included here is Ajax Drop Down Cart for WooCommerce WordPress. This module is created with Fly to Cart Effect, leading to amazing customer experience and awesome visual effect.

  • Why is this module a powerful tool? At first, Ajax Drop down cart is a solution saving much time for users when they shop on your site. In this modern life, everyone always wants to save time as much as possible. Thus, they will use a shopping website with an easy way to manage their selected items. Ajax Drop down cart minimizes their management time on doing shopping on WooCommerce store.

  • Thanks for this latest technology, customers are able to add products to Cart without refreshing the whole page. Thus, it will be upgraded into their cart and any information can be viewed. Moreover, buyers can change the quantity or delete product as their need. The total price is refreshed with only a click of Update Total button. Besides, product thumbnail in a cart is very helpful for shoppers to remember and compare their items in Cart before making payment.

  • Fly to Cart effect allows customers to click on Add to Cart, and then the product will remove to the Cart immediately. This plugin is very easy for customers to use. This ideal solution makes your website more professional and serves customers better than ever.

  • The fully Responsive feature allows users to shop your web-store through any devices from smartphones to the desktop as their convenience. Thus, you can enjoy more sales on a mobile phone that become the last trend of e-commerce currently.

  • Support full options for e-commerce solutions, thus you can use this extension as you wish..

  • The last, Advanced Woocommerce Brands plugin is a perfect solution for you to show the whole brands at your web store. It is not necessary to worry about how to install or use it. You can display logos, names of product’s brands on the product detail page and sidebar. This 100% responsive module gives customers ability to:

  • See product’s brands according to A-Z alphabets through Ajax tool

  • See brands through Brand slider towards vertical or horizontal direction

  • Know how many items your web store provides of each Brand

  • Easily Use filtering function for Brands

  • While allows you to easily install, use and configure it for your store. You have full control of the plugin once running it on the web-shop. You should take a tour of this product detail through this link.

    As the best open-sources when it comes to e-commerce platform, WooCommerce will bring you a bright picture of top-service, top-user experience. In order to increase your sales as well as service for customers, you should consider three solutions for your WooCommerce site. They might be the tool for you to optimize this platform, standing out from other competitors.