A lot of web owners and consumers suppose that Quick view is the must-have function in any retail site? But why they said like that? You will acknowledge what is quick view as well as the reason why Magento 2 Quick view on Cmsmart is the must-have Magento 2 extensions for your online business website.

What is Quick View?

Quick view, also known as Quick Look, is the feature that allows customers to preview products they care right from their website’s listing page. Just by clicking to Quick view button, a pop-up layer will appear and show more information on the product, customers can see and decide whether should buy that product or not.

About Cmsmart Magento 2 Quick view

You already know the brief definition about what is quick view; however, Magento 2 Quick View available on Cmsmart even provide more than what I mentioned about Quick view. This product is developed on Magento 2 platform with all effort and enthusiasm of professional developer team. This promised Magento 2 extension will bring your customer's so convenient experience with a quick review of product details and they totally can add products to cart right from the pop-up window on homepage and category page.

Now, let's take overlook about all outstanding feature and the benefits merchants and customers can achieve from this Magento 2 Quick view:


  • Quickly view products in Catalog Widget
  • Displaying a popup with all information
  • Supporting all product types.
  • Quickly add to cart from pop up
  • ultimate responsive (screen size 600px, quick view popup will disappear)
  • Multi-stores supported
  • Cross-browser


  • Gain huge traffic amount from smart devices users who prefer to use a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. rather than desktop. It is not exaggerated that the traffic from the smart device may make up to 70% of total traffic amount.
  • Supporting all kinds of products including Configurable, Grouped, Simple, Bundle and many others.
  • Adapting to all stores so you can set it up freely as you want
  • setting custom for Quick View button in terms of title, color text, and button background.
  • Enable or disable the entire product short description and Add to Cart button from Quick View
  • Specifying the color of the button, hover color, text color, as well as text hover color
  • Compatible with all major preferred browser as Chrome, Firefox, IE 9, 10, 11
  • Besides main products, you can also show other special products in quick view popups such as related products or upsell products


  • Without going to the product detail page, customers can easily preview product in catalog widgets such as homepage or categories pages.
  • Getting full information in terms of name, price, product image, etc. in the pop-up window just by clicking to Quick view button
  • Customers can add products to cart right from a product popup
  • Besides previewing product information, customers can take other actions such as add to wishlist, add the product to compare, send an email and write product reviews
  • Saving a lot of time for viewing and purchasing

Is it enough to make you interested in Magento 2 Quick view extension? You can come to Cmsmart and experience more with this Magento 2 extension


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