Rated as one of the best open source e-commerce web applications available today, Magento platform is specially designed to build high-end commercial websites with many outstanding features. One of Magento's greatest strengths is its versatility. It is suitable for all types of online businesses, from small e-commerce websites to building large e-commerce applications with lots of features.

To be able to attract large numbers of people to buy from you, it is essential that you deliver a great customer experience when they shop in your online store. Magento has a lot of extensions available in the market today. Take advantage of these extensions to increase the performance of your online store and provide a great customer experience. In this article, we will introduce you to Benefits Of Using Magento AJAX Shopping Cart Extension. Let's explore.

Benefits Of Using Magento AJAX Shopping Cart Extension

1. Overcome Magento default with Ajax shopping cart process

Default Magento provides some functionality needed to add a product to a shopping cart. However, these functions are still limited and have not met the increasing shopping demand of today's consumers. Therefore, the Magento Ajax shopping cart extension was born to solve this problem. It allows your customers to cut down on wasted time on page reloading. Customers can easily add products to their cart without having to wait for page reloads every time they edit the cart. At the same time, customers can add and remove products from their cart without having to constantly click the update button. Instant engagement allows customers to enjoy a shopping experience without waiting for pages to refresh. Customers fully enjoy a seamless, uninterrupted online shopping experience that completes the shopping process.

2. No More Annoying Page Reloads During Add To Cart Process

Instead of being redirected to the product page after clicking the 'add to cart' button, they can now easily add any product to the cart from any page in the ajax pop-up, including the category page, the home page, search result page, wish-list page, and product comparison page. Additionally, it is possible for a customer to thoroughly check the newly added product and the basket subtotals in another pop-up and all on one page. No more annoying page reloads during add to cart process.

3. Improve Customer Convenience When Buying From Catalogue

While looking through the product catalog, many customers may want to add products to their shopping cart and continue looking at other products. For many options such as product bundle, grouping and configurable, default Magento will ask the customer to leave the current page to complete selecting options before they can add these products to the cart. This extension helps ensure that customers can continue to shop without being interrupted, providing the best customer experience.

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4. Allows you to retain shoppers as long as possible

The AJAX shopping Cart extension allows customers to seamlessly shop and add products to a cart directly from category sections without having to go to product pages. The customer should not repeatedly click the “Update” button while adding a product to a shopping cart and can continue their shopping process without any distractions.

This functionality makes the purchasing process easy and seamless, and also allows you to draw customers' attention on your products and services.

5. Motivating customers to add more products to the cart

After the customer completes the process of adding an item to the cart, a popup will appear for the customer to check the newly added product. This is the best time to promote other related products. You can perfectly apply this free marketing strategy to motivate customers to add more products to their shopping cart

6. Creating a pleasant shopping experience for customers

Nothing is more satisfying than a simple and quick shopping process. Providing the best customer experience increases your loyalty, while also helping to increase sales for your online store.
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7. Increases conversion rates and sales

According to Statista, 21% of customers abandon their shopping cart for the following reason - "The process takes too long". Since you have the AJAX  shopping Cart extension installed in your store, you can expect that the client stays active and reduces the dropout rate, as each interaction - adding or removing the product - just does a new cart instead of a whole page.

What's more, since the process of adding and removing products is so simple, customers don't feel any trouble putting all the products they want into their shopping cart. In this way, you can increase the average value of the customer's shopping cart.

8. Magento ajax add to cart allows customers to control the process and status of their carts

Although the AJAX functionality does all the operations behind the scenes, the extension provides Magento admins many ways to display module activity and shopping cart state changes.

In particular, the AJAX activity indicator and the cart update animation clearly indicate when the module is active and the cart is updated. You can also customize these indicators yourself to replace the default indicator images, choosing from a number of predefined status update animations (blur, glow, blink, or without) or even turn off the confirmation dialog.

If you are wondering How to install Ajax shopping cart extension, check out the video below


With this unique extension, customers can easily add and remove products from their cart without having to constantly click the update button. Instant engagement lets customers enjoy a shopping experience without waiting for pages to refresh. Customers fully enjoy a seamless online shopping experience without interruption, thereby completing the shopping process.

The Magento Ajax Shopping Cart extension can drastically increase sales. Many store owners are using this extension and seeing a staggering increase in conversion rates. This extension has helped store owners in many positive ways, in which the shop owner can display related products while the customer can add a product to the cart for add-on or cross-sell purposes.

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