Nowadays, it is totally clear that e-commerce has been developing enormously all over the world. Using Magento to create and design an impressing sale website is no longer strange for any owner or programmer. Moreover, you now can even go further than that with Magento extensions which are developed exclusively for Mobile. These applications support you effectively in displaying your Magento shop on Mobile devices. Let’s explore some of them together and you will not be disappointed for sure.

Mobile Zone Magento Theme – Simplicity but not boredom

Since Magento was launched, the products relating to Responsive Magento theme for Mobile are getting more popular on the market. It may lead us to a dilemma to find out which one is really out-standing. However, if your aim is making your website look lively, highly interactive on Mobile browsers by an easy way, Mobile Zone Magento Theme is a smart choice.

This Magento Extension provides you two color options with Dark Night and Sunshine to set up your website, thus making a stylish appearance on mobile screen. In addition, your customers can check their Magento Shopping Cart easily just by a click thanks to the supportive help of Quick shopping cart View. Facebook, Twitter, Email Button is also arranged right below the product introduction so buyers can share their favorite goods very fast on social media.

Magento Mobile Theme on CMSmart – impress with colorful and reasonable layout

If the application above has not yet satisfied your wish, you may find out what you are looking for on CMSmart.

The first unique difference between this Magento extension with the one above is “Unlimited Color” function. I was very surprised because I could set up my basic color and icon for any single detail from Head background, text or link to Border menu or search box. Furthermore, logical and neat layout on the screen is the important criteria for theme on Mobile device.

If you are worried about this problem, Magento Mobile Theme on CMSmart is certainly the solution you need. It optimizes your user menu with Drop-Down list which is especially suitable for mobile view. All of your products in a category will be shown like a column for a simple look. One more thing which proves that this application is exclusively designed for mobile is compatible ability. This theme can detect Iphone/Ipad/Android automatically and smartly switch to the mobile layout. Hence, it can be said that this extension helps you create a separate mobile system.

Magento App Builder for Magento Stores – striking difference

Two applications which I have just introduced to you are integrated with your Magento website in order to set up automatically a mobile interface when shoppers browse your website via mobile devices. Magento App Builder goes a completely different way.

This application is named Mofluid. Mofuild can be seen like an innovation in Magento Mobile market because it helps to convert your Magento shop to a mobile app. Therefore, your customers are able to download and install Mofluid in their smart phones to regularly check the status of their new or favorite products. Although Mofluid runs independently with your main website, it still can syncs with your website’s inventory. Moreover, your mobile inventory can consist of a large number of goods without any loading problem. You do not need to care about any other inventories but your main one. Besides, even on the mobile browser, you can create diverse payment and shipping method by yourself. This Magento App Builder allows you to enable some Payment Gateways like Cash on Delivery, Paypal or EBS.

Each application in Magento Mobile Store has its own strengths and weaknesses. However, which one is suitable for you mainly depends on your need. I highly recommend you should try using a demo version on CMSmart first to consider then make your decision.