Good day all clients,

Cmsmart assures that our price for the product item listing here on our network is the best price compared with any other places – our price should be equal or cheaper than other channels.

If you find out on any other channels has the same products on CMSmart with the cheaper, please inform us within 24 hours, we will give you a full refund and you still has the right to use our products.


The product is have to be the same, and belong to the same developer. Some products, especially extensions, is developed with different sellers with the same functions is not applied by this policy.

The lower price must be available on the other websites which developer / seller published product to sell.

Your full refund – payment will be changed into points, and you will keep points to buy other products. We will not refund by money

We will give you your points within 15 days after you prove any product that failed to commit this programe.

We wish this best price polices will protect our client values! Do not hesitate to give any question relating to this Important polices