VirtueMart is an e-commerce extension for the open source Component Management System Joomla. It is an e-commerce extension that can be used for small or large online storage, written in PHP and uses MySQL database for data storage.

As an extension, it is a component for Joomla only which cannot be used on any other Content Management Systems such as WordPress, MiaCMS etc…

VirtueMart in history and now is still a free and easy to use e-coomerce extension in PHP/MySQL environment, all you need do is to download and install Joomla which provides the Core System and Framework which VirtueMart uses before downloading and installing the extension (VirtueMart).

How was VirtueMart established?

VirtueMart was formerly known as mambo-phpShop due to Mambo CMS (Mambo content management system) was it Core System and Framework before Joomla.

When it was still an extension for the Mambo CMS, it became the first e-commerce extension for the Content Management System Mambo!.

The extension was renamed from mambo-phpShop to VirtueMart after Mambo CMS was forked to Joomla and MiaCMS hence, running on Joomla.

How has VirtueMart been growing?

Ever since VirtueMart started using Joomla due to Mambo CMS being forked, it has been growing rapidly, starting from the release VirtueMart v2.0 to the latest v3.0.6.

It is now error-free with the use of PHP 5.4 or 5.5 by user’s server, and also possesses a lot of cool features such as: different price rate for a particular product based on user’s group, Addition of product variant for particular product, The data stored in the session is minified, which can be easily modified by plug-ins (for example to adjust the weight). The cart is automatically stored for registered users.

The cart checks also for any reload of the available quantity of the items and correct it if needed. Front-end managing combined with the Joomla ACL now allows your vendors to directly access the VirtueMart backend from the front-end, without having access to the Joomla back-end. The system now provides different modes for different multi-vendor systems.

Now, the VirtueMart Version 3 is prepared to work with sales team, or event shipment team. Apart from all this, VirtueMart has over 20+ extensions that’s used in enhancing its functionality, hence, enhances its features.

VirtueMart Achievements

VirtueMart, when still referred to as mambo-phpShop became the first e-commerce extension that was built for Mambo CMS and also one of the best e-commerce Joomla extensions that can be used for large and small scale e-commerce website.

In general, VirtueMart has about 3 to 6 developers currently working on the project, with many other developers who assist in forum help discussions. It is a free to download and use extension for Joomla which powers large online stores providing performance, usability and security which you as a user would expect from professional software.