Magento is an extremely powerful ecommerce development trending platform that is used for most of the merchants in the world. Websites that are powered by Magento possess outstanding stability and quality that you can hardly find in all other content management systems.

What are different Choices for selecting template

In order to build your website with Magento, you have two options to proceed for your live store. The first choice is to build your own temple that involves development and coding. This is an extremely costly in the way that it requires considerable time and budget but the good thing is that you will enjoy the website which you really wish for. Aside from the custom built decision, you can even move forward with the 2nd choice with installation of pre-built Magento themes.

If you decide to opt for the pre-built Magento themes or developing your own theme then there are numerous guidelines you need to care for in order to make sure that you have the right design that can run for long term.

1. User Friendly Layout

Only an attractive look is not sufficient, a superb Magento theme for ecommerce website should be fresh and have to possess a welcoming user interface to persuade customers.

An easy to use user interface includes a lot of things: a simple Back-to-Top button, sticky Shopping Cart icon, a top notch navigating structure, a meaningful menu etc.

Briefly, use a Magento theme that will provide your customers the playful experience with an ideal environment.

2. Appropriate Template and layout

Based on which sector and items you are selling, you should decide if you want to have a shop with fashionable styled theme or choose a classic and typical website design.

If you are selling sell digital items e.g. electronics, Smartphone, computers, laptops then in this case standard layout is the way to go. For fashion store, a theme with trendy and glamorous suits best. Also prefer those themes that are up-to-date according to the current trends.

3. Proper Location of Banners and Promotion Blocks

A store’s theme without banner and sliders don’t work best for successful stores. There should be a sliding banner and other advertising blocks on left or right column of the store. Since sliders, banners and ad blocks easily catches the customer attention, therefore you likely to get more sales in this way.

4. Theme Personalization

Theme should be easily customizable if you’re purchasing from a store like changing CSS, color and background are the primary options which are followed by other similar secondary options for more customization. See that if the theme’s developer is providing you the psd files of the graphics used in the theme. In this way, you can easy personalize your theme according to the latest trends because a single theme layout can’t work for a long time.

5. Cross Browsers compatibility

Your selected theme should be compatible with all browsers like Chrome, IE9, Firefox, Opera, Safari bowers etc. Because users are not bound to come from single browsers, therefore your theme should provide full performance independent of browsers.

6. Mobile Friendly Nature

A recent research shows that about 50% customers visit the stores from mobile. This is the reason that Google has recently rolled out the Mobile Geddon Algorithm to de-rank non-friendly websites. Therefore to get more customers in the form of good ranking, your store should be Mobile friendly.

7. Theme Speed

Website speed is one of the issue due to which Google de-ranks a website. Make sure that the user theme not contains heavy graphics and un-necessrary features that affect website speed. Your site should loads in less than 5 seconds while 2 seconds is an ideal time for loading.

8. Seo-friendly Environment

Primarily Magento is SEO-friendly already, your e-Commerce Magento theme need to follow the typical scripting practice to be legitimate in the eyes of search engines’ bot. You must ensure that your preferred is clear and structured according to the requirements of HTML/CSS.

9. Build-in Blog

Most of the SEO experts admit that content is king in all seo techniques to rank better in Google SERPs. Therefore, you theme should have a building blog inside. Also check that blog has perfect and trendy design with options of Meta settings.

10. Social Media Elements

Social Media plays an important role for brand promotion and to be popular in public. Make sure that you theme allows to display your social media profiles icons on home page of your store. Similarly it should allow displaying latest tweets or Facebook posts in a box in left/right column.