These days, among a lot of eCommerce platform available on the market, Magento seems to be the King when it holds the market share of 20%, a pretty decent and dreaming number for any platform. Since Magento 2 version was released in November 2015, this figure has no longer stop at 20%. From what is happening on the market, it can be said that day by day, Magento 1 has been getting phased out and now it’s time for us to see how Magento 2 dominate the market. In this post, I want to share with you the tips of how can we choose the best Magento 2 extensions for your store.

1. Think about your purpose

Finding your purpose by answering a question: why do you need it. Only when you can make a list of reasons why you should install that Magento 2 extension. Moreover, when you can identify what you want, you can consider and compare the Magento 2 extensions from different providers to choose the most suitable one for your Magento site.

2. Referring trusted and reputation providers

In the market, there are a lot of providers offers Magento 2 extensions with the same set of functionalities. There are some factors proving a provider is trusted or not:

  • Reviews: Reviews might be short or long, but they will reflect exactly what customers have already experience with that product. You should read online reviews on the website and social media about product quality, purchasing policies and support.

  • Discuss with Fellow Users Online: Also talk about using experience like the review but discussing with Fellow users will come with more interaction than reviews. You can ask freely former users on communities. These places are often free from vendor spam and you will be able to get useful opinions from existing users or other Magento experts.
  • Check the changelog: Nothing is perfect, especially right at the first time. A product with changelog has been updated frequently will prove that the providers put a lot of effort to improve their products, prove that they care about user experience.

  • Purchasing policy: If providers are confident about Magento 2 extensions they provide, they will be ready to stand behind it with a money back guarantee. Let’s spend some time to check whether they have a proper refund, support, and dispute policy.

3. Test and Try Magento 2 extensions

Magento 2 extensions will come with Demo for users to experience how they work. You can test both the frontend and backend aspect of the demo. When you check demo, you will know those Magento 2 extensions are suitable for your requirements or not, if not, whether they can be customized?

4. Make decision

After going through those above steps, it’s time for you to make decisions. If those Magento 2 extensions can satisfy your needs, don’t hesitate to buy them for your site.

Some other tips

  • Ask a professional developer to check Magento 2 extensions you intend to buy.
  • The cheapest or extremely pricey extensions will never be always a great choice.
  • Always test demo carefully and check all functions within the refund period.