There is a fact that web owners usually overlook to optimize SEO for Magento product pages. I found that a lot of merchants with a large catalog and use generic product descriptions and images provided by the manufacturer forget this aspect. Some of them are aware of this problem but they accept it, they may be lazy or don't have time to care for the thing they usually consider a small one. So, in this post, you will find some tips on how to optimize SEO for each product page on your Magento website.

  1. Magento product name.

How should it be? Short and descriptive. Most of the search engine will display up to 71 characters. The URL had better contain the name of the product or at least, the keyword to search that product, its category, and other related important information.

  1. Magento Product Metadata

It will appear in search results so let's try to make it short and concise.

  1. Magento Product description

Try to avoid using the available product description from manufactures because there might be a lot of web owners use it. Let's create unique content for the description by yourself. Try to humanize the language by including all the product specs, warranties, features etc. The more you describe the product, the more customers understand and trust it. But, I want to notice that: you should avoid " Keyword stuffing". So dangerous!

  1. Add videos to product pages.

You can use videos for many purposes such as introduction, testimonial, user guide. It can greatly increase conversions and assist with SEO. We highly recommend that you use YouTube to host your videos because, after Google, Youtube is the 2nd biggest search engine. A study revealed that after seeing all basic information about the product, customers tend to watch the video to see how it works or what users talk about it.

You can refer Magento 2 product video extension and Magento product video.

  1. Magento product image

A great image with high quality will certainly make the difference for your business' s revenue, I'm talking about attracting customers aspect. However, the search engine cannot read the image, it just crawls the alt tag. To optimize SEO, you just need to write strong alt tags, name the image files appropriately. Alt tags also allow those who cannot read your website to understand what an image is depicting.

The last words,

This list is not all and it still goes on. Besides the tips we mentioned above, one thing I want to emphasize is providing the visitor with as much information as possible on the product they are shopping for. When you attract more traffic, Google also highly appreciate your web store.