Recently, we have heard enterprises have been talking a lot about Magento 2 migration because they've considered it as the big expansion plan of business. It seems to be true for enterprises but is it for both small and medium business? Whether they should migrate their Magento website to Magento 2 version, is it necessary? Magento 1 is much so any customization of Magento 1 feature would be a rework when migrating to Magento 2. In some case, migration means you have to rework purely. In this post, I will focus on 5 signs that it's time to migrate to Magento 2. hope you find it helpful:

  1. Current Magento version gives you a nightmare

If your current web store is getting stuck in performance issues and speed, the customization and optimization are ignored, it’s time to change. It’s like you are staying in a house with a sticky bomb. So, try to migrate as soon as possible to Magento 2 and enjoy a super functioning e-commerce store.

  1. Your business requires a lot of customizations

Customization will take your time as well as money, nothing is free. Especially when the plans and enhancement strategies of the business require a lot to be done in the current platform, Magento 2 migration would be the best choice. Why? The reason is that some of the important themes, customizations, and integration with third-party extensions will not be possible for the current version, moving to Magento 2 seems to be a long-term benefit in this case.

  1. Your Magento 1.x version is too old.

The version above 1.8E and 1.13E are considered to be thumbs up. However, the cost of dealing with outdated versions will be much higher than just Magento 2 migration. Even you are a large business, let’s save that amount of money for other marketing strategies rather than for fixing errors of current Magento version.

  1. Your business requires extra safety

As the latest news, by 2018, Magento is going to stop its official support.  You will just receive support from Magento development companies but not from Magento. If you still run on Magento 1.x, the security updates will no longer be available. Magento 2 will be a safer choice.

  1. Your competitors start opting for Magento 2

I am not joking but that is undoubted fact. Visitors will love web stores with a personalized smooth experience. Who wants a slow and out-of-date website? Of course, no one. Magento 2 is like a lifesaver ship in the storm of competition. Therefore, if your competitors start with Magento 2, why don’t you still stay with an older version?

The last words,

Understanding thoroughly about your website, consider 5 things mentioned above, you will find the best time to migrate. Once again, I want to emphasize that upgrading to Magento 2 is an undoubtedly futuristic idea.