Are you having trouble creating tours on your website because of so many obstacles related to it such as setting the location, price by number of people, integrating google map and make it appealing to viewers.

Or you own a travel agency and want to create a website to support your business more easily, expand more customers but you do not know how to start, how to set up a travel website? Cmsmart has a plugin that can work for you.

Tour Operator Pro Plugin is an easy-to-use and powerful operating tool for travel agencies and tour companies. It gives you full control of the information such as destination, itineraries, prices, facilities,..etc and an automatic booking on your tour, saving your time and money

Moreover, it supports a wide range of services provided by businesses, individuals that provide online tour booking through websites. With this plugin, you can sale tours quickly, easily and much more efficiently

For the Tour Operator Pro plugin, creating a complete tour will only take 5 steps:

  1. Create State
  2. Set Destination
  3. Create Tour
  4. Set up tour itineraries
  5. Add Discount (maybe not)

Watch the video below for details on how to create a tour :

If you have any questions or issues about the product, please leave a comment below and let us know your problems or contact us at the information or Click here. Your feedback will help us make the product even better.  

I hope your tour booking business grows and prospers even further with your brand new website.

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