Are you looking for ways to increase sales? A product video is an effective strategy to increase sales. 

A product video can:

  • Attract potential customers

  • Introduce your eCommerce brand 

  • Turn potential customers into real ones

Why Should You Choose Product Video?


Product video

According to the Survey to understand the importance of product video

  • 81% of businesses use Product video to make your product different from competitor 
  • By 2019, 80% of internet traffic will be video traffic. So you need to amp up your product video efforts to ensure that it drives plenty of relevant traffic.

There are many benefits of using product videos. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits.


Personal Connection

A product video can highlight those characteristics, but it seems not possible in a picture. For example, an attractive image of a hairdryer can only appeal to a consumer visually. You can add the features and specifications of the product in the photo caption. But that is not always enough to convince a customer to buy the product.

A video can do much more. It can show exactly how the product works, for what purposes, how well it works, and in what aspects it can make the life of a consumer easier.

This builds a sense of confidence for the product in a consumer’s mind. They feel more connected with the brand. 

Better Buying Experience

Compared to traditional shops, your eCommerce website has one drawback. Your customers can’t touch and feel your product. A product video can help you narrow down that gap

A product video can display and test the product in real conditions. This alleviates the customer’s doubts about the product and enhances their buying experience.

You can optimize the impact by having a subject matter experts demonstrate and explain the product in your video.  

You can see more The Importance Of Product Videos For Ecommerce to understand why you need a product video

How to Do Video Marketing

product video

A viable video strategy is a must for successful video advertising that drives eCommerce sales.

Choose the Product

Choosing the product for your video is the first basic step. There are many reasons for choosing a particular product, including one or more of the following:

  • The product is the best selling product on your website.

  • The functioning of the product is difficult to explain without visuals.

  • The product yields a higher ROI for you in terms of profit margin.

  • You need to promote a particular product.

Plan Your Video

Planning a product video requires a great understanding of your target customers. You know more about your potential customers, the better product video you have. Knowing their story and their emotional level helps you to connect with them.

But - who are the potential customers?

You cannot create the same kind of videos for different products. A video advertising a musical instrument will be different from a video advertising a dress. The color scheme, the setting, and the model should be chosen keeping the actual customer in mind. The length of the video should be 30 seconds of video. But it can be longer depending upon the product and type of video. The fundamental aim of the video is to communicate your message effectively. 

To increase sales, create shareable videos that will inspire potential customers. You can find plenty of useful info on creating videos online.

Choose the Right Platform and Tools

To upload videos, choose the video platform which engages most of your target audience. The largest number of viewers include Facebook, Dailymotion, youtube.

Their step-by-step guide makes the video creation process quite simple. They also offer multiple templates to choose from, which you can customize as necessary.

Prepare for Mobile

The number of mobile users is blooming. In 2019, there were 4.68 billion people using mobile phones.  Thus, the number of people who are using mobiles to make their purchase decisions daily is increasing.

Therefore, to increase sales, it is very important to create videos that are mobile-friendly. Ensure all videos you create can be viewed on all mobile devices.

Where to Advertise

Social Media Channels

Advertising online is almost synonymous with advertising on social media platforms. Social media channels have a better reach and inclusion in people’s lives today than other mediums.

Social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are suitable for paid advertising. They are also ideal for short video clips. Customers are happy if they can learn something new in a short span of time.

Find ways to interact with potential customers on these platforms. Keep them informed and engaged with your product. Encourage them to offer feedback and invite comments. This will help you learn what they want so that you can make further improvements.

Adding a call-to-action will engage people for longer and help you to persuade them to buy your product so you can increase ecommerce sales.

Your Own Website

Your website is a good place to position your product video to increase sales. Placing the video on the particular product page or category page is more important.

You can try Magento Product Video Extension. You can get started with the video today with just 4 simple steps. They might be easier than you think.

  • Step 1: Install as a user guide.

  • Step 2: Video Management: In the admin panel, you click on PRODUCT VIDEO -> Manage Videos  -> click on Add New Video or select a Video to edit. You can add/edit/delete all Videos.  Remembering Save after each change.

  • Step 3: Configure extension: In the admin panel, you click on PRODUCT VIDEO -> Configuration and setting something here. Remembering Save Config after each change.

  • Step 4: Go to the front-end to view changes.

Let’s see our demo for more information 


With an effective video strategy in place, your eCommerce company can cut through the noise. You can attract more customers to your brand and increase sales.

If you are looking for Magento Custom Services, feel free to share your project with our support team. And if you have any questions about our article or Magento extension and Magento theme, leave comments in the section below, we are willing to answer all of your questions ASAP.

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