Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module

Today, many users simply expect the site to have a direct search. The purpose of the search is to immediately lead customers to the product they need. Therefore, if your website makes customers spend a lot of time searching, they will tend to leave your site.

By helping visitors find content that matters to them, you can keep them on your site longer, provide better user experience, and maybe even generate some extra revenue by helping visitors discover products and services more easily related.

In this article, I will show you how to replace the standard search bar with a powerful search engine using the Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module. It is a great add – on module for your Virtuemart store. The module will help your shoppers to easily find the products based on Keyword Search. The results are shown by thumbnail images, names, prices so they look more attractive and less rough. It provides direct Ajax search, visitors do not have to wait for the whole Virtuemart page to reload to see their search results.

Steps to install and use the Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module:

Step 1: Install the Ajax Search Pro Module. Go to Administrator, upload and install this extension

Step 2: Config this module in back-end

  • Go to Module Manager, choose Enable and click Module
  • Setup a limited number of search results
  • Set up a number of characters for keyword search
  • Choose located to display Ajax search module
  • At tab Menu Assignment: choose pages that you want to display Ajax search module

Step 3: Overview extension when installing on the other templates. Enter keyword: Results will be beautifully displayed together with an image thumbnail and the price

Follow video instructions to install and use the Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module:

How to install and use Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module?

Outstanding Features of Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module:

  • Keyword Search easily: The module will help your shoppers find products based on Keyword Search easily.
  • Ajax empowered technology: With Ajax empowered technology, visitors do not have to wait for the whole Virtuemart page to reload and get their search results.
  • Set a number of search results: You can set a number of search results in case you have many products for the same keyword.
  • Customer’s search: Learn your customers by knowing their search queries. View customer's trends in search over time.
  • Works on multiple pages: choose pages that you want to display the Ajax search module.

Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module is a direct search engine designed to make your site search-friendly with customizable layouts and responsive designs. Start exploring and experience Demo right now!

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