Ajax Drop Down Cart for Virtuemart

Is your website currently using the default "Add to cart" button? Do you know this is the cause of the discomfort to customers and accidentally prevent potential increase orders.

Why? Are you aware that your customers will have to wait a few more seconds to be redirected from the product listing page if they try to click on a product with a wide selection? And they only receive a small notification after adding to the cart, while absolutely no instructions from you - the seller. Does this reduce your possible spending orders!

Therefore, Ajax Drop Down Cart for Virtuemart is probably the solution you need now. With this add-on, after clicking on any Add to Cart button - regardless of location, customers are free to preview the product details and select the product when it pops up without any redirects. Enhance your power through this simple button, couldn't be wiser. Scroll down to learn how to use the Ajax Drop Down Cart for Virtuemart!

3 easy steps to install and use Ajax Drop Down Cart:

  • Step 1: Install plugin & module
  • Step 2: Config this plugin & module in back-end
  • Step 3: Overview extension when installing on the other templates

This plugin is easy to use for both shop owners and their customers. The video below will help you better understand how to use this extension.

The highlight features of Ajax Drop Down Cart for Virtuemart that we would like to introduce to you:

  • Auto-update: For the dynamic contents like quantity or total price, when they are changed, a customer can get them updated right on the cart without reloading all pages. Then, they can keep shopping nearly instantly.
  • Quickly Add to Cart: Customers can add a product to cart just by one click without loading a new cart page and then continue to shop right away.
  • Products Removing: Remove buttons next to every product in the drop-down list allows your clients to remove any product without entering a cart page each time.
  • Product Thumbnail: A thumbnail product image in a cart is very helpful for shoppers to remember and compare which products they added to the cart.
  • Various Skins: Admin can freely choose any cart skin that fits different businesses or store's styles.
  • Remove any product on the cart page: Your customer can remove any product from the drop-down cart, also they can empty the cart by just one click
  • Ajax load: When your customers update/delete an image to indicate the loading process will appear.
  • Support multiple skins: 5 colors available (Blue, Black, Pink, Red, Gray), suitable for many different types of e-commerce businesses, Virtuemart admin can choose colors from the admin panel.
  • Easily customize pop-up skin: Administrator can choose colors suitable with your store from the admin panel. Also if you do not want to choose any available style, you can design your skin using the color picker
  • Configure image thumb on the cart: Configure the size of images thumbnail from admin panel

Use Ajax Drop Down Cart for Virtuemart to make shopping for customers more convenient and convenient, saving time with the function of automatically updating content. To understand more about the product, invite you to experience our DEMO.

We provide in this article a collection of the best Virtuemart extensions available in our store to meet your business needs. All you need to do is just thinking about what you want to make the best option.

We hope that you find the guidance useful. If you have any questions about this product, feel free to contact Vincent or comment below. He will answer your question. Don't forget to use coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% Discount for this item.

Many thanks.

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