Since high technology took part in online printing industry online stores for custom clothing became a norm, and a new business model emerged that had the potential to revolutionize the overall printing industry. The standard for an online printing web store now is allowing users to get custom made products and let them choose design, size, etc. This article will give you information about key features that must have in web to print solution:

1. Homepage design

Regardless of how the digital world changes, homepage design is still an essential part of any website. Homepage design is the face of online business, the key factor that decides to make or break the user experience. When evaluating a variety of online printing, we found that among the oldest homepage, a few web owners put effort on their index pages. We can see the typical examples of two websites that are so good at offering great homepage design. Solopress has a very distinctive homepage design with well laid out items in the form of a grid. Unlike other websites that squeezes all the categories in the menu bar, it lay all the items on the homepage itself. This difference makes the overall layout of website becomes more subtle and pleasing to the eyes. Or with the case of Vistaprint, they put banner images on the homepage along with CTAs, the effect on appealing customers is a lot.

2. Menu bar

Cause online printing serves various ranges of products such as T-shirt, canvas, business cards so menu bar becomes highly crucial in terms of navigation. According to the suggestion of FATbit, menu bar needs to be included both main categories and sub-categories so users can find relevant items more easily. Mega menu is great idea to make it easier to move from the main category to a subcategory.

3. Reviews and testimonials

How to appeal customers’ attention is always the big question for any business owners, but this question is not hard to answer cause we have tool to deal with. Displaying reviews and testimonials in a prominent location is good idea. Besides boosting consumers’ trust, the conversion rate will be improved considerably as well.

4. Pricing policies

The market for customized printing products is always so hot and the requirement for the tools supporting pricing policies is always high. There is a whole lot of customization involved starting from the type of paper to size, materials, etc. It is so crucial for a printing website comes with functions such as call for price, price estimator, price matrix, shipping cost.

5. Checkout

One thing web owners usually forget to emphasize is cart and checkout although it plays an important role in deciding their revenue could increase or not. But time and again it has been found that the average abandonment rate of the shopping cart is staggering 68% so in other words, every three out of four people abandon the shopping cart for one reason or the other. So a convenient and engaging checkout process will affect on the amount of money in your wallet. Keep it minimal and focus on security of transactions.