As we may know, Magento is a leading online solution that started 5 years ago. Since its debut, Magento has created a huge wave of changing from web developers to customers. Magento has been downloaded more than 4 million times, which proves its quality, productivity and necessary for every single online site. Now Magento 2.0 is on the way to us, which promises a new stage of innovation in online business. Let’s see our Magento 2 Overview.

Update the technology stack

New technologies offer developers a better starting point in their Magento implementations. The advantages are:

- JQuery: developers can use a JavaScript library that they already know. In Magento 1.x the prototype.js was used as a base javascript framework, but it is not so popular among Magento developers as jQuery.
- HTML5: offers a great shopping experience for their customers on any device, and developers can use new and powerful APIs and new features available in HTML5.
- CSS3: more well-defined starting point for frontend projects, improves page load speed, supports new visual effects like multiple backgrounds, reflections, shadows. Additionally, CSS3 supports new visual effects like multiple backgrounds, reflections, shadows and more. Magento 2 uses LESS, a CSS pre-processor, to address several frontend development requirements.
- RequireJS: improves page load times, as well as encourage modular design of Magento 2 frontend components.
- PHP 5.5: code runs more efficiently and the overall performance of Magento 2 is improved.
- MySQL 5.6: enables merchants to set up their database in a way that is more scalable than previous Magento 1.
- PSR Compliance: PSR compliance helps make Magento 2 easier and more predictable to learn, and standardizes the use of PHP to allow different sets of code libraries to work together.

Magento 2.0 will allow faster time to market, with lower development costs.

Improved customization process

With the new Magento, customer now meets specific merchant faster and easier. .

- The modular code of Magento 2 reduces the dependencies among modules, then allows users have a cleaner interfaces with higher flexibility and better customizable
- In Magento 2, layered navigation and modularized search enables the search functions more customizable
- Magento 2 provides enhanced APIs for better integrations with external systems.
- Besides, the XML validation checks that XML code follows specific structures and rules.

Enhance flexibility level for sites

With Magento 2, the structure of module has changes to component-based, which means much better flexibility. Now categories are separate more clearly and be provided in a wider range, allows developers to different components including CMS, customer, checkout, sales, catalog, and a lot more.
Moreover, in Magento 2, you can enable or disable every component at the same time to keep the code base clean.

Better scalability and performance

The new Magento performance toolkit and integration with Varnish Cache improves the performance quality. For example, magento shopping cart, magento order manager and magento social media extension categories have been improved. The performance is more professional, logical and been ordered according to customers’ experience. Furthermore, Developer will experience a flawles scalability and full page caching.

The Release Candidate of Magento 2 will be available in March 2015.

Benefits for community

According to Magento team, the benefits they offer for Community are mostly around platform to start:

- Modern tech stack means the latest PHP and MySQL, HTML 5, CSS 3, pre-processor support, and PSR coding standards among other improvements
- Improved performance and scalability benefits: the ability to have a more efficient system for both performance and scalability
- Streamlined customizations: easier to customize modular code, much improved theme inheritance
- Easier integrations: better APIs in terms of more coverage and more efficient calls
- Better lifecycle management: a stand-alone installer from the admin that helps with install, upgrades, and also with flagging extension conflicts
- High quality code and testing: a full automated test suite (unit, functional tests, integration tests, etc) to develop with confidence

In the 2th quarter of 2015, CMSmart will proudly bring magento 2 to developers and web user. The quality has been claimed through Beta version in Europe market. With Magento 2 advantages, you totally have enough “facilities” to start up a potential business on marketplace or even expand it in the future.

How To Install Magento 2.0 For Windows XAMPP 1.8.3.x / Apache 2.x

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