When you decide to be a part of the eCommerce industry, one core thing is website will be a representative for your business. Therefore, a professional, visually pleasing, and user-friendly website will affect a lot on how many consumers you can attract.

The success of a marketplace will depend a lot on whether customers enjoy their experience with your site or not. Building a website is so easy but how can be successful by it is not such easy. So in this article, I will focus on 4 tips on how to build an engaging eCommerce website with Magento marketplace theme from Cmsmart:

1. Site navigation should be easy as much as possible

Navigation could be the key customers use to open the door to your marketplace. On the website with bad navigation, customers might be deterred by pages of information or having to scroll through pages of unrelated items before they could find exactly the products or services they want. It is when you offer opportunities for competitors.

That’s a great idea when the Magento Marketplace theme allows operators to categorize product offerings as much as possible. The navigation features of this package will ensure website and online store pages are clearly labeled and categorized, stating exactly what will appear when clicked on.

2. Think like a visual merchandiser

From the consumers’ point of view, you will be attracted by an appealing website, right? It is recommended that minimalist pages with measured spacing between products can go a long way to prompting purchases, as products won’t look confusing or cluttered. And how about the background? Unobtrusive and muted color backgrounds are suggested to make products stand out.

3. Never forget product description

The product description is actually useful in encouraging customers to buy, that’s the reason why the Magento marketplace theme was designed with proper space for it. You should spend more time to provide the details of each product as much information as possible. Consumers are buying online so don’t forget to provide text, videos, images, etc. to give the customer as accurate a description as possible.

Have you ever think about write descriptions in a tone suited to the personality of your brand? Unique and friendly, right? That’s how you can differentiate yourself from competitors.

4. Keep your website protected

The high-security level of Magento is undeniable. With the Magento marketplace theme, you can build a great marketplace and earn your customers’ trust, information, and patronage. Enabling two-factor authentication for customer logins should also be noticed. Further, you could include a link to your business’ privacy policy to help promote transparency and a commitment to help keep customers’ information protected.

The last words,

Those steps seem to be so simple but it will be actually helpful if you create an engaging shopping customer experience on your e-commerce site with Magento marketplace theme. So, it’s time to make your dream come true. Do not forget coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% OFF when you buy this product. Leave the comment below if you have any questions for the article or our products. Please contact our support team to know more information HERE.

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