The more detailed the order is, the more customer can get satisfaction!

Currently, orders from customer are not just simple selection of product categories; it is now more complex than before. When clients want to a product with their own features, a truly demanding order, it’s time to see how Magento Order Upload Extension works on the problem. The extension created by CMSmart can be surprised with the function of attaching different files from customer to make a perfect order, finally. This awesome feature can be described and supported by many other features.

- Multi files added

For a typical order, a client is likely to change some available features or add their own design, image…(especially for printing industry). This can be done by the Order Upload extension. The function allows uploading personal files on the product page before checkout process.

- Various file types supported

Files are supported with different popular file types like pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, txt, doc, docx, xls, xlsx….It make the steps easier and more convenient!

- Time reducing while uploading and editing

While uploading 1 attachment, user can concurrently upload, edit, remove or add comment to the attachment. When uploading completed, thumbnails will automatically created. More importantly, user can upload file attachments without logging in their account.

- Attachments displaying

The file attachments then will be displayed on checkout page, in the confirmed email sent to clients. It makes sure that every requirement in your order will be followed strictly.

- Customization

The extension is fully customized with the adjustment of dimension and installation. Shop owner can also manage easily all file attachments in admin panel via a statistics list and directly download those files to storage.

- Friendly UI and highly adaptive

UI – User interface is also a strength that Magento Order Upload offers. Indeed, when clients first look at the “upload” function, they can instantly operate within several seconds because it’s easy to understand. Besides, the extension allows itself working on different smart devices and screen resolutions. This highly adaptive function supports “a truly flexible tool” for both users and administrator so that they can access to either make order with appropriate files or deal with orders anytime and anywhere.

- Files management

With regard to file attachments, they are well-managed in a table and well-arranged following each product. Therefore, administrator can see clearly and control exactly every order and their additional files. More importantly, they can download directly and quickly the files on admin panel without configuring another tab or item.

Generally, allowing adding support files is gradually a necessary factor, especially for printing industry which needs a lot of details for a full order. The Order Upload extension by CMSmart seems to deal with this task easily and quickly by processing multi-tasks at once, this advantage convinces client and provide them a more comfortable and convenient way of creating a complicated order. There is no doubt that this extension is worth being owned by current innovative websites.